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A Special…and Unorthodox WIAW

Yes, Happy May 1st folks!! I’m sure I’m not the only person who remembers that song… er, or I hope. All jokes aside, the first of the month is always extra special to me because it marks me & the hubby’s marriage anniversary – 5 months today! SO PSYCHED!! Today is a pretty unorthodox “What … Continue reading

WIAW #8 – I Think We Got a Winner

Sooo… I think we got a winner – on the Chobani front & the running front! For starters, this may be the first food that I’ve actually eaten on Wednesday that I’d just have to share like to share. Has anyone tried the Chobani greek yogurt flips yet?? The hubby and I decided to try … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday #7 – It’s a New Day

It’s a funny and sometimes very sad world we live in it seems. In light of the recent Boston marathon tragedy, it really brings to light the horror, sadness and hurt that such unforeseen acts can cause. Thankfully, we have a God who is still very much in control and if anything, this has made … Continue reading

A Wonderful WIAW #6

Hey there! It’s about that time for another “What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday”! 😉 But first things first… I must say that despite this crazy busy week, I am Oh So Excited that today is the Birthday Eve of my absolute FAVE man, on this side of Heaven… my Joel! Check out the throwback pic … Continue reading

A somewhat wacky “What I Ate Wednesday”

Well, it’s that time again!! Time for What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday… ha! 😉 As always, many thanks to Jen for starting such a cool weekly blog tradition. Let’s get started… For those who have been following along with me, you’ll be surprised to see that I strayed beyond my norm for all of my … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday #3 and Fun Stuff

Cheers, it’s Wednesday! Yes, I’m firm believer that if you celebrate every day rather than counting down ’til Friday than you’ll actually enjoy each day more. Just some food for thought! 😉 In all honesty, I’m pretty excited today for a few reasons… (1) The book for my final grad school class – Exercise & … Continue reading

WIAW & Running Tips?

Feet don’t fail me now… So, this morning started with my 30 min. walk/run… and I made it to just over 2.5 miles again. Boo! If you haven’t noticed, I’d really like to get to 3 miles in 30 min. Simply because I’m just loving the idea of running at a 10 min. mile pace! … Continue reading

Snow Day & My 1st WIAW!!

Hello Again! So, who else woke up to a slight Winter Wonderland this morning?? 😉 I actually got up at 5 AM this morning, grabbed my handy dandy Costco mug, full of slightly watered down Green Machine Naked Juice, and headed downstairs to the gym to do my 30 min. walk/run. I made it to … Continue reading