Day in the Life

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday!! First, a little exciting news… I participated in my 3rd 5k along with the hubby for his job’s Family 5k Day!   It was also the first time we broke out Ethan’s new jogging stroller!

Sadly, I never got any actual pics of us at the race, but I came in at 69th place out of all the 155 women who ran or walked!  And it would’ve been an even better time if we didn’t spend the first 15 min. of the race trying to figure out how to get the front wheel of the stroller to stop wobbling.  Whomp whomp!  Yep, we probably should’ve tested it out before the race.  Lol!  But once we figured it out, it was smooth sailing, thanks largely to the hubby who not only pushed the stroller, but coached me through the whole way!  So, I’d say, not too shabby for cough cough no training beforehand at ALL cough cough.  Oops! 😉  Since it’s been a while (I know, I know)… same old jazz – life’s been busy (especially with a toddler now walking/running around – YAY), I fully intend to make up for the lost time with another “Day in the Life” post, combined with a little What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!   So, let’s get to it!

5:40am – First alarm goes off. I, of course, re-set it to give myself 10 extra min., haha!

5:50am – Hear the alarm going off again…and I drag myself up, out of bed to get dressed for the day

6:40am – Head downstairs, take my vitamins, and grab all of the “stuff” for the day (Ethan’s breakfast, snacks and bottles, my lunch and purse) and head to the bottom level garage to load the car.

6:50am – Head back up to the kitchen, eat a small-ish breakfast of 3 turkey sausages (the small round kind), and prep a bottle with unsweetened Almond milk for Ethan.  Have I mentioned that Ethan is officially off of formula and now drinking almond milk (and whole milk at daycare, since they provide it for free)??  We are too excited!

7:00am – Head to Ethan’s room to get the little man ready for daycare.  I sing to him a little to wake him up, and he pops up with the BIGGEST smile.  Melts my heart. Every. Time.  Next, I change his diaper, get him dressed, and brush his hair which is quite the struggle these days, since he only stays still for 0.245678 seconds at a time.  Haha!

7:30am – Give Ethan his almond milk, give the hubby our goodbye kisses/hugs and we head out to daycare!

8:00am – Arrive at daycare, and drop the little one off, after chatting with his daycare provider for a bit.  Then head to work!

9:00am – Arrive at work, and do just that, after getting my morning cup of coffee, of course!

12:30pm – Already getting hungry, and break open my yummy lunch – leftovers from last night’s dinner (chicken/veggie stir fry over brown rice)!

Blog lunch

6:00pm – Work is finished for the day and I head home!

6:30pm – Arrive home just in time to catch the hubby feeding Ethan dinner.  Our little guy seems pretty tired, so I quickly unload and then re-load the dishwasher (with today’s dishes), and run upstairs to pick out Ethan’s clothes (and mine) for the morning, while he finishes up.

6:40pm – Play with Ethan for a bit and finish watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse with him, before his bedtime.  Hubby preps dinner – baked honey bbq chicken wings and French fries (sorry no picture but it was just as yummy as it sounds!) – before heading out to see about a car deal – details later!

Blog_Ethan haircut

7:15pm – Get Ethan’s last bottle of almond milk for the night, and head upstairs for his bedtime routine: change his diaper, brush his teeth, read him a bedtime story, turn the lights out, feed him his milk, then put him to bed.

7:30pm – Head back downstairs and wait for dinner to finish cooking in the oven, while watching a little TV (i.e. the 2 hour delivery special for TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting!”  Such an interesting family those Duggars!

8:00pm – Eat dinner, pack Ethan’s bag with clean bottles, and iron my clothes for the next day.

9:00pm – Hubby gets home with a surprise – a brand new Mazda CX5 – which he got a great deal on, from trading in his older car, which had become too costly to keep fixing.  Chat with the hubby for a bit to catch up on each other’s days, when I realize how late it has gotten.


**this is a randomly googled pic, ours is a darker blue/gray color**

10:00pm – Take my shower and it’s off to bed for this mama!  That’s all folks! 😉

So, what’s going on in your world?  Keep me posted & feel free to share!


4 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. Congrats on the car – love it! & Nice daily routine – you’re a pretty busy (but efficient) lil mama 🙂 Happy Early Mother’s Day!

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