WIAW & Running Tips?

Feet don’t fail me now…


So, this morning started with my 30 min. walk/run… and I made it to just over 2.5 miles again. Boo! If you haven’t noticed, I’d really like to get to 3 miles in 30 min. Simply because I’m just loving the idea of running at a 10 min. mile pace! For the pro runners, this is child’s play I’m sure, but for me (the newbie) it’s an IDEAL goal, since I literally just started running about 2 months ago. Typically, during my 30 min. walk/runs I start out the first 3 to 5 min. walking, and then I run the rest of the 25 to 27 minutes at a range of 5.0 to 6.0, which is a comfortable jogging speed for me. Today, I tried shorter intervals for my 30 min.- i.e. 1 minute walking at 3.0/ 1 minute running at 6.0. I progressively increased my running speed to 8.0 though, and still no dice on making it past 2 and half miles. I think I will try 1 min. walking/1 min. running (starting at 7.0) tomorrow. For the seasoned/professional runners: Any advice on how to progressively increase my speed??

As far as my eats for the day, I must say there was lots of good stuff! Started off my morning, with my regular bowl of oatmeal – maple brown sugar flavor with 1 teaspoon of organic peanut butter and sprinkles of cinnamon. Mmmmmm 🙂

Breakfast, 7:00 AM


When I got into work, I had my fave Chobani greek yogurt… best stuff Ever! I also had some green tea (not pictured).

Snack, 9:00 AM


This was followed by some fruit…

Snack #2, 11:00 AM


I was ready for lunch soon after, especially since it was leftovers from last night – my homemade turkey burger on whole grain sandwich thins! 😉

Lunch, 1:00 PM

turkey burger

I didn’t get to take a picture of the burger I ate (sorry), but this one is very similar… minus the tomatoes (as I didn’t have any on hand at work).

It was pretty busy at work yesterday, so I was ready for some coffee (Chai Latte – yum!) and an additional snack…

Snack #3, 3:00 PM


Sorry for the blurry pic… gotta love peanut butter granola bars! A quick grocery run after work, and dinner was prepared while the hubby went to the gym for his evening run.

Dinner, 8:00 PM


Creamy organic, whole wheat pasta with chicken and broccoli – mmmmm! My hubby has been completely knocking out his training for his 10-miler in April, by the way – so proud!! 🙂 He also gave me some good running advice that I didn’t want to hear… “it takes time babe, you’ll get there.” Eh, still working on my patience with myself, but he’s absolutely right… It does take time and I will get there!

What did you eat today?

Any running tips for newbies?


5 thoughts on “WIAW & Running Tips?

  1. Hey I love the details….I’m trying to get my head around planning my foods for the day. I think it will help me a lot, I tend to do good in the morning, however by the afternoon and evening I’m a mess. are you on a set calorie intake per day? Thanks again for sharing.

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  3. Thanks so much for the comment, Kenya! I actually don’t have a set calorie intake per day, since I’m not trying to lose weight per se – just maintain, tone and build lean muscle. When I was doing more intense training last year, however, my trainer suggested that I use myfitnesspal.com to track my daily calories/fat intake. I would highly recommend using it, if you aren’t already. It’s free & easy to use. Plus, there’s something about noting down EVERYTHING you eat that makes you think before eating something unhealthy. Lol! Plus, sometimes you find that you’re actually not eating enough calories to meet your fitnes goals. Best wishes/prayers for your continual progress!

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