Day in the Life

Hey guys, Happy Wednesday!! First, a little exciting news… I participated in my 3rd 5k along with the hubby for his job’s Family 5k Day!   It was also the first time we broke out Ethan’s new jogging stroller! Sadly, I never got any actual pics of us at the race, but I came in at 69th place … Continue reading

An interesting Spin on WIAW

Soooo…. um, did I really just miss the ENTIRE month of March without a new blog post?!?!  Really wish I could say “April Fool’s” to this one but sadly, it’s true. Indeed… indeed it is!  However, in light of that, I’ll share one MAJOR highlight of March… Ethan is now running around everywhere walking!!!!  YAY!  I promise … Continue reading

February Picture Recap!

First, cheers to me for squeezing in a brief pic recap post (i.e. a post POST-Ethan’s monthly updates)!  See what I did there. Haha! And now, here’s a (brief) recap in pics of some highlights these past few days/weeks! First, another birthday celebration happened for my little Ethan, at daycare!  Happy Birthday Ethan **smooches** He’s clearly … Continue reading

Ethan’s First Year Update!

Ahhhhh, how in the world did this happen?!  I have a toddler now folks!  My little man is a big boy and turned the big ONE this past Saturday, on Jan. 31st!  So many emotions, and soooo much birthday planning leading up to that beautiful (albeit super cold) day!  In the end, it was such … Continue reading

11 Month Update

Happy 11 Months Ethan!!!  Mommy (and daddy) love you SO MUCH! Weight & Height: ….I’m actually not sure this month, since his next dr. appointment will be in about 3 weeks, when he’s one years old!  Gasp!  Phew, that went quick!  I DO know that he’s pretty long/tall for his age and is pretty heavy.  … Continue reading

10 Month Update

So, friends, I have a confession to make. Yes, I’m a little over 2 weeks late with this update, but let’s be honest, that’s nothing new. Ha.  Anywho, my confession… I subconsciously am doing my darndest to hold onto Ethan’s infancy.  How?  Welp, in his first wonderful months of life, I counted how old he … Continue reading

Four Fun Things (About Me!)

So I’ve seen this survey floating around in the blog world, and I thought it’d be fun to do since (1) I LOVE surveys and lists and (2) it’s pretty rare that I share info. solely about me (and not my fave little guy, Ethan) lately.  So, for the sake of some balance, here we go… … Continue reading

9 Month Update

Hey guys… Happy Monday Afternoon! 😉 Well, I’m only a little over two weeks late on this month’s update. Whoops, although that’s really progress for me!  Sometimes I feel I delay these updates, because I partially wanna believe that that will sloooowwwww the time down.  My little munchkin is growing up SO fast guys!!! #Bittersweet … Continue reading

8 Month Update

Ok ok… So yes, I’m waaayyyy late (SMH at me) but had to give this little guy who’s not so little anymore a proper post.  I’ve said it before but can’t say it enough… this strong, adventurous little cutie pie has completely stolen my heart. Yay Ethan!!!   Weight & Height: Not sure, but I’m guessing … Continue reading

WIAW – it’s back!

Woohoo!  Guess who’s back for a “What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday”??? 😉  Just thought i’d pop in briefly to say “heeyyyy” and share what my eats have been looking like lately!  I gotta tell ya… I’m def. more privy to anything that is quick & easy (and somewhat healthy of course), these days.  But I digress… … Continue reading