An interesting Spin on WIAW

Soooo…. um, did I really just miss the ENTIRE month of March without a new blog post?!?!  Really wish I could say “April Fool’s” to this one but sadly, it’s true.

Indeed… indeed it is!  However, in light of that, I’ll share one MAJOR highlight of March… Ethan is now running around everywhere walking!!!!  YAY!  I promise to have video of him in action…ya know, once I stop crying every time I see him walking.  Lol, I’m such a sap!  Here’s a few recent pics of Ethan having fun at daycare – just because!


BACK ON SUBJECT… I’m stealing this idea from one of my Fave bloggers – Courtney – because it really got my brain working, in a great way.  Today’s WIAW will feature the BEST breakfast, lunch dinner and desserts, I’ve ever had.  It was seriously difficult to only pick one, but these meals were def. some of the most Memorable!


The spinach, tomato & feta omelette that I ordered at this quaint restaurant, while in Chicago for the hubby’s marathon!  Yum!!!  I’d be perfectly happy having this breakfast at least once a week!

Breakfast (1)

Next up, LUNCH…

Hands down, my top choice for lunch would be the salmon caesar salad from Silver Diner!  Yes, so simple, but oh so GOOD!  I don’t even think the picture does it justice.

Breakfast (2)

Annnddddd for dinner, I’d have to go with the chicken I had at Puerto Rico, along with all the lovely appetizers that I never got to fully enjoy at our wedding in PR!  I mean, with all the excitement going on, does anyone really eat at their wedding? Such a travesty.  Lol!  The chicken there is just some of the Best I’ve tasted!  Take me back!!


Dinner AppetizerDinner2

Last, but certainly not least, I’d go for a red velvet cupcake for dessert!  Not too particular about which bakery it comes from… it just has to be REALLY good (and look pretty), of course! 😉



How about you guys?  What’s one of the BEST breakfast/lunch/dinner/desserts you ever had???


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