Posted in March 2013

Sleepless in Silver Spring

^^^^ That was my expression, as I tried to get some sleep amidst my noisy neighbors loud conversation at 11pm last night. Has this ever happened to you?? Interesting enough, I’m no stranger to having to sleep through all kinds of noise – sirens, cars honking, loud music, etc. I grew up in the tri-state … Continue reading

A somewhat wacky “What I Ate Wednesday”

Well, it’s that time again!! Time for What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday… ha! 😉 As always, many thanks to Jen for starting such a cool weekly blog tradition. Let’s get started… For those who have been following along with me, you’ll be surprised to see that I strayed beyond my norm for all of my … Continue reading

Weekend Movies and Running Mileage!

YAY, it’s Monday again and even though Spring is technically here, winter is still trying to hold on for as long as it can. Winter Wonderland, anyone? Needless to say, someone named Koryn will be so happy when Spring starts feeling like… well, Spring, by the end of this week. 😉 Really can’t complain though … Continue reading

Fashion Friday and Top Fives

I’m guessing by now you’ve noticed that I like to play with words… hence, the alliteration in my title. Say it loud… I have nerdy tendencies and I’m proud!!! 🙂 This week I’m actually sporting a new updo hairstyle, in preparation for the upcoming 5K. Here’s a few oh-so-chic selfies for ya… TAKE #1 TAKE … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday #3 and Fun Stuff

Cheers, it’s Wednesday! Yes, I’m firm believer that if you celebrate every day rather than counting down ’til Friday than you’ll actually enjoy each day more. Just some food for thought! 😉 In all honesty, I’m pretty excited today for a few reasons… (1) The book for my final grad school class – Exercise & … Continue reading

I Believe… Happy Monday! :)

Happy Monday Folks!!! This morning is starting out on a highly positive note, and I can thank the Awesome Word that I heard at church yesterday for that – “I believe God’s Word!” (1st Peter 1:24-25). 24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The … Continue reading

Friday Funnies and Platform Pumps!

TGIF!!!!! Cheers to the weekend!!! I don’t know about you all, but I’m super excited that it’s finally Friday and I have the weekend to look forward to, after a pretty busy week! So, funny story… I had a dream last night… and no, not the Martin Luther King type. I received an email yesterday … Continue reading

WIAW & Running Tips?

Feet don’t fail me now… So, this morning started with my 30 min. walk/run… and I made it to just over 2.5 miles again. Boo! If you haven’t noticed, I’d really like to get to 3 miles in 30 min. Simply because I’m just loving the idea of running at a 10 min. mile pace! … Continue reading

Monday Tasks & This or That

Cheers, it’s Monday again!! I usually try to be positive about every day of the week, but this Monday is full of tasks….early morning tasks, at that. An early doctor’s appointment and then I’m heading straight to work! Fun stuff, I tell you. 😉 Unfortunately, this means that my usual morning run/walk will have to … Continue reading

Fitness Friday & Heels Over Wedges

So, I have a confession to make… I’ve really been slacking on my high heel wearing. **I know, I know… the shame!** Since I walk to work mostly every day, my comfy wedge-boots have been my usual go-to choice of shoe, for the past two weeks. But this, my friends, must change! In honor of … Continue reading