Friday Funnies and Platform Pumps!

TGIF!!!!! Cheers to the weekend!!! I don’t know about you all, but I’m super excited that it’s finally Friday and I have the weekend to look forward to, after a pretty busy week!

Happy Dance!

Who’s got style? Who’s got rhythm? I DO!! 🙂

So, funny story… I had a dream last night… and no, not the Martin Luther King type. I received an email yesterday regarding my 5K run – its the Bunny Run 5K on March 30th – which I’m super excited about! Anyway, I had a dream that I was at the race and leading the pack… doing the Bunny Hop in my favorite pink heels! Lol! Coincidentally, I wore those pink platform pumps yesterday.

Pink Pumps

I sooo wish I could download my wacky dreams… on the very rare occasion I have them. Hysterical, I tell you!

Closest thing I could find to my Bunny Hop dream. Lol!

On other notes, I was pretty excited to wear these bad boys today!

Friday Pumps

Please ignore the lovely background ambiance! 😉 Nothing like a nice platform pump to start the weekend, especially for date night! Owww! The hubby and I are going to try out a new nearby latin restaurant that plays LIVE music!

Practicing our dance moves! 🙂

Annnndddd I’m getting ready to do my first 4 mile run outside tomorrow with the hubby! Praying the Saturday forecast is wrong and it doesn’t rain though. Who’s with me??

What’s the wackiest dream you ever had?

Any fun plans for the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Friday Funnies and Platform Pumps!

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