Fitness Friday & Heels Over Wedges

So, I have a confession to make… I’ve really been slacking on my high heel wearing. **I know, I know… the shame!** Since I walk to work mostly every day, my comfy wedge-boots have been my usual go-to choice of shoe, for the past two weeks.


But this, my friends, must change! In honor of Friday, which is the official date night for me & hubby, I ditched my comfy boots for these boots today…


In the words from the classic movie “Clueless” (yes, I’m actually quoting “Clueless”)… “not a total Betty, but a vast improvement.” I still think the wedge boots are cute, but the lace-up boots look so much better on – trust me! Yes, this girl has gotta have some heels! 😉

In other news, how fit is your Friday looking??? I thought I’d share my training schedule for my very quickly approaching 5K race today – I’m on Week 5! I did have to switch the days around a bit – i.e. there will be no runs/workouts on Sunday. It’s God’s day! 😉 So, I do my longer runs on Saturdays instead. Speaking of which, I’m super anxious eager to ditch the treadmill this Saturday and get outside and run for the first time. Let’s just say that the weather has not been permissable during the beginning portion of my training, but it looks like the temperatures are finally warming up a bit! YAY!

Now today is supposed to be my “rest day,” but since I decided to rest on Thursday instead (heehee), I got up early at 5 AM and did some cross training. I’m pretty flexible with my training so I opted to do some yoga in my living room instead of a 30 min. speed walk on the treadmill. And phew, boy that Jilliam Michaels really knows how to turn a yoga workout into a semi-aerobic circuit workout…and I only did her Level 1 workout! It was a nice change of pace though, and I felt stronger afterwards, so I may keep that one in my fitness log, for future use! Happy Friday folks!!


What’s your favorite work out?

Anyone training for a 5K or a longer distance run?

What’s your favorite go-to shoe of choice?


2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday & Heels Over Wedges

  1. I have a confession…. I rarely, if ever wear heels. Can we still be blogger friends? 🙂

    I’m training for a marathon right now in May. 🙂

  2. Lol – of course! 🙂 You may not wears heels, but you seem to be a pretty seasoned runner, and that’s awesome in itself! Best wishes on the marathon in May!

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