Monday Tasks & This or That

Cheers, it’s Monday again!! I usually try to be positive about every day of the week, but this Monday is full of tasks….early morning tasks, at that. An early doctor’s appointment and then I’m heading straight to work! Fun stuff, I tell you. 😉 Unfortunately, this means that my usual morning run/walk will have to be an evening run/walk. WAH!!!!! Ok, venting over. :p Any other morning people out there (i.e. people who love to get exercise, work-outs & all that fun stuff done in the morning)?

In light of the busy morning, I found this cute survey (on one of my fave blogs that I follow – Lindsay’s blog), to brighten up the start of my week! Feel free to join in!


Chocolate or Vanilla?
I love chocolate, but if we’re talking ice cream, it’s vanilla, all the way!

Innie or Outtie?

Hot Hot Summer or Snowy Winter?
I’ll take summer over winter ANY day… and my birthday is during a winter month (November)! Nope, no cold/wintery days for me!


3 squares or a Grazer?
I’m definitely a grazer – hands down! Although 3 “light” square meals are included in those grazings. 😉

Elliptical or Treadmill?
These days, it’s defintely the treadmill.

Banana or Apple?
Apples! I can only stand bananas when it’s on a slice of bread with peanut butter. Yum, indeed!


Morning or Night?
Morning! My energy is at it’s highest in the AM and I can get so much done. Love it! 🙂

Love or Money?
Love… no question. Money (in perspective, not greed) helps loads though!

Lipbalm or Lipstick?
Lipbalm. I almost never wear lipstick.

Butt or Boobs?
I’d have to go with boobs. Mini confession: I almost considered applying to work at Hooters, as a side gig during college, for extra money. Ha!

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee!! Specifically a skinny vanilla or chai latte!

Straight or Curly?
Straight with loose curls! 🙂


Right handed or left handed?
Right handed! My twin sister is left-handed though!

Beach or Mountains?
Beach!! Duh! Lol

Mac or PC?
PC. If I ever figure out how to effectively use a Mac, I’d be open to it, though.

Shy or Outgoing?
I’m somewhere in between, actually. Since this is a “this or that” survey, I’d say I’d probably fall more in the shy category because I’m pretty reserved and quiet in person.

So, how’s your Monday going?

What’s you’re fave blog survey?


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