February Picture Recap!

First, cheers to me for squeezing in a brief pic recap post (i.e. a post POST-Ethan’s monthly updates)!  See what I did there. Haha!

And now, here’s a (brief) recap in pics of some highlights these past few days/weeks!

First, another birthday celebration happened for my little Ethan, at daycare!  Happy Birthday Ethan **smooches**


He’s clearly not a fan of sweets though!  Lol.  Can’t say I’m too surprised… he was the same way in the womb!  In my third trimester, I had the BIGGEST food aversion to sweets. 😦


But, he was still feeling much better than last week (i.e. fully recovered from his cold) and smiled for that camera.  Gotta love this kid! 😉


For good measure, here’s Ethan and the whole crew at daycare!  Happy Birthday Ethan!!!


And then, an early birthday surprise for my hubby happened!  The hubby is a BIG Brooklyn Nets fan so I scored a great deal on some Acela Club Ledge seat tickets for the game against the Wizards at the Verizon Center in DC!

Vday_Bday gift

Unfortunately, the Nets were pretty wiped from the previous night’s victory, so they lost.  Sorry babe!  It was still fun times though! 🙂


And then, the Big V-day happened!  That’s Valentine’s Day, for all you cool folks who actually went out and celebrated, despite the super cold weather we’ve been having!  For those enjoying warmer temps, please send some sunshine my way!!  Please & thanks! 🙂  Since I’m not a fan of the cold weather (haha), we enjoyed a pretty low-key V-day at home… and of course, the hubby never disappoints in the gift department.  SUPER grateful for this dude!  He knows me well. 🙂 …there were flowers delivered at work!  Awwww! 🙂


And he even surprised me with a new outfit that I’d wanted weeks ago, from a cool clothing catalogue.


…paired with these high-heeled boots!  Ahhh, it’s been way too long since I shared some high heels!  Gotta change that!


Other than that, we relaxed, got caught up on household chores (laundry, dishes, etc), played with Ethan and watched movies.  Party. ANIMALS. Over here!  Lol.

And, Sunday, service was actually cancelled due to the inclement weather 😦 but we still enjoyed good ole’ Joel Osteen on TV, annnnddddd Sunday evenings are officially Walking Dead nights!  Hello Season 5!


Yes, I have become such a super fan!!  It’s insane & I can’t wait until the next episode on Sunday!!

Hope you enjoyed the pic recap!  Feel free to share what’s been going on in your world!  Any other Walking Dead fans out there?


2 thoughts on “February Picture Recap!

    • Yes, there were def. some memorable highlights, which I’m glad I got a chance to capture! Helps me get through this FRIGID weather we’ve been experiencing. Lol! Thanks Chels!

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