Posted in May 2013

Friday Funnies!

Sooo… raise your hand if you were initially super stoked about the short work week, only to find that you were so busy this week that it made the week still feel really, REALLY long?? Yup, that looks about right. By the way, “Hello, my name is Koryn and I am still in VACATION MODE.” … Continue reading

What I Ate This Weekend!

Hey folks! I’m back from my vacay in sunny Orlando, FL and decided to do a little something different for “What I Ate Wednesday!” 😉 I had a bunch of great eats this weekend and thought I’d share what I ate (and a few extras), in a world of pictures (in no particular order)! Feel … Continue reading

Wait ’til You See WIAW! :-)

It’s Wednesday again and I am SUPER excited for What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday! 😉 Thanks as always to Jenn for this great link party! I’ve been amping up my fruit and veggies this week, and I had some really yummy eats yesterday, which I’m so excited to share. Annnnddddd I opted to wear one … Continue reading

Monday Workout Recap!

So, I actually had a pretty restful weekend, but I sure gave my debit card a bit of a workout… I may be having slight buyer’s remorse as I type right now…ya know when you actually tally up the damage but, in my defense, a few essentials were definitely needed for the spring/summer months that … Continue reading

Random Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends! Although I was feeling a little “blah” since last night, as I had a nice & early visit from good ole “Aunt Flow” (sorry TMI),… I still woke up feeling kinda like this! Why, you may ask?? Well, I may not be done with school just yet, BUT I am done with … Continue reading

What I Ate Wednesday – The Highlights

So, this morning’s run was duly inspired by Brooke’s post yesterday – thanks Brooke! I hit the treadmill at around 5 AM with those words in mind and it kept me going… And now, I’m halfway through week 3 of my 9-week speedwork training schedule! YAY! Then, afterwards, my breakfast looked like this… Fruit-infused water … Continue reading

The World’s Best Mom…

Sooo, I have the BEST mom in the world! And the fact that she now follows my blog, just puts the icing on the cake for this post-Mother’s Day post! 🙂 Unfortunately, the hubby and I weren’t able to actually spend the day with either of our moms yesterday (due to distance), but you can … Continue reading

Fashion Friday!

TGIF!!!!!! Normally, I’m excited for Every day or I try to be haha, but with as busy as this week has been, I’m more than happy for the weekend break! It’s also a pretty busy morning, so I thought I’d leave you all with some fashion eye candy. I’m sure I’m not the only one … Continue reading

Welcoming What I Ate Wednesday #10

YAY! I think we all know what time it is. 😉 Time for another “What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday” – many thanks, as always, to Jenn for starting this fun link party! I don’t know about you guys but it’s been a pretty busy week on my end, so to say I’m elated to get … Continue reading

Let’s Get it Started…

The week, that is! 😉 This weekend was so monumental in so many ways (many, many thanks to that super supportive hubby of mine, who traveled & drove many hours in CT with me, to ensure that I was able to take my Final Comp exam on time) but I will get into that later. … Continue reading