11 Month Update

Happy 11 Months Ethan!!!  Mommy (and daddy) love you SO MUCH!


Weight & Height: ….I’m actually not sure this month, since his next dr. appointment will be in about 3 weeks, when he’s one years old!  Gasp!  Phew, that went quick!  I DO know that he’s pretty long/tall for his age and is pretty heavy.  He’s about an inch and a half taller than another little boy at daycare who’s a month older than him!  So, I’d guess Ethan is about 24 pounds and 31-32 inches longs??  We shall see folks, we shall see! 😉

Eating: Ethan is usually a great eater. He eats until he’s full and refuses anything after that.  Good stuff!  He still is not a fan of texture though… like at all.  Lol!  This kid wants everything pureed.  Ay de mi!  We’re still continuing to offer soft/real foods (such as eggs, avocado, bread, etc) and next up, I may see how he likes a little corn on the cob.  We’ll get there eventually… One thing I’ve learned is that all babies are different and Ethan gets a hold of different milestones at his own timetable and we’re ok with that!

Plus, at this point, we’ve already introduced him to some beef, salmon, turkey, chicken and countless fruits and veggies (of course)!  His faves are still sweet potatoes and butternut squash though.  So, as long as I mix in either with his purees, he’s open to almost ANY vegetable – carrots, asparagus, spinach, kale… you name it!

Bottles: We’ve officially switched him to over to Toddler Transition formula – no more hypoallergenic formula!  Whew!  I must say, incorporating organic whole milk yogurt in the morning has helped keep him “regular,” which helped his transition greatly. Next up, will be transitioning to real/whole milk, once he has his 1st year appointment and the doctor confirms all looks good for the transition.

Sleeping (naps/bedtime): Naps are still fairly consistent, BUT our little bugger has already dropped his morning nap.  I tell you, this kid has energy for daysssss! The good thing is he now goes down for afternoon nap after lunch without a problem at all, and he’s usually good for about 2 hours.  Additionally, his bedtime has moved from 7:30-8pm to about 7-7:30pm. He’s been occasionally waking up hungry at around midnight or 1 AM (yikes!), but usually, he’ll then sleep until at least 7:15 AM, and on weekends, he tends to sleep in until around 8 or 8:30 AM.  WIN!!!

Clothing: 18 month old clothing (24 months for coats/outerwear), size 4 to 4.5 shoes, and size 4 diapers.  What can I say – he’s a growing machine! 🙂

New this month:

  • Crawling EVERYWHERE and loves practicing walking ALL THE TIME. Seriously, he’s always on the move and grabbing for my hands to walk him around. He also walks on his own with a sit-to-stand walker but of course still prefers mommy’s or daddy’s hands.  Sigh…lol.
  • New teeth! This kid’s got two at the bottom, two at the top and looks like 4 more are coming in at the top! The down side is that this has made him even clingier, and sometimes he just wants to be held All Day, at home and at daycare.  Poor kiddo… growing up is tough stuff!
  • **This is New last month** but Ethan had his first flight and his first Christmas experience!!!  All went well & I have pics below!
  • He’s got a few new sounds… still no “mama’s,” but he now says “nana” which makes my mom (Grandma aka Nana) super happy, of course!
  • His first birthday is coming!!!! I’m already more halfway done with the planning, as he’ll be having his birthday party at Gymboree, with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse them (of course)!!  More details & picture to come soon!

Nicknames: He has tons of nicknames, but my faves are “Tonka Tonka,” Ethan-ton (not even sure how that one started at daycare, but it’s hilarious to hear the other kids at daycare call him that), and Bam Bam.  The last one is self-explanatory since he LOVES to bang toys on the table.  Smh, lol.

Ethan likes:

  • Being on the MOVE!
  • Mommy & daddy’s full attention
  • Reading books – current favorites are “Good Night Moon” (his bedtime storybook)
  • All things Mickey Mouse, especially the clubhouse theme song & the Hot Dog song
  • Elements of surprise – he loves when we play peek-a-boo around the corner and jump out at him.

Ethan dislikes:

  • Getting into his carseat (although he’s fine once he’s tucked in and we’re moving)
  • Laying down on his changing table for diaper changes. He likes to be on the move 24/7!
  • When mommy or daddy doesn’t pick him up IMMEDIATELY when he first sees us, or is having a fussy moment.
  • Being in his bouncer for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Again, this kid wants to be mobile All. The. Time.  Look out world!





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