About Me

My name’s Koryn and I’m the writer/blogger here at High Heels & Healthy Alternatives. Don’t let the site name fool you though… I am anything but a diva, but I do love and admire a good pair of high heels! Lol. This blog covers all aspects of my life as I embark upon my journey as a new wife, a newbie runner, a well-rounded healthy cook, a soon-to-be M.S. of Human Nutrition recipient, and sharing cool pics of some fierce high-heeled pumps, along the way. Feel free to follow me on twitter (@KorynNadira), instagram or friend me on facebook (http://facebook.com/koryn.gadsden) for any/all contact!

Soooo, welcome to my blog! My name is Koryn (pronounced Corrine) and I’m a young 32 year old.


I currently live in Silver Spring, MD with this handsome guy (my hubby, Joel).


I was born and raised in northern New Jersey, but upon attending college in Maryland and joining one of the greatest churches (on this side of heaven) – Church of the Redeemed of the Lord – I decided I prefer the quiet, suburban life, and so, made MD my new home! Oh, and did I mention, I have a twin sister, who I absolutely adore!


She’s been my bestie since the womb, and one of my FAVORITE people, next to my husband, of course! Meeting Joel (my hubby) deserves a page all on it’s own, so please do check it out here!! Moving right along, career-wise, I’ve always had a love for TV/Film and I was blessed to work at Discovery Communications for most of my career, starting a long 3 months after college.


Following a mass layoff however, I finally pushed myself to pursue my love of nutrition and started an online Masters program to get my degree in just that! I also started working at another cable TV network nearby – TV One.

Nowadays, I finished my first 5K and am looking forward to my first 10k in September! And yes, I’m even more excited to run, and train for future runs now! That said, at the end of the day, there’s nothing like a great heel, or high-heeled boot… especially if it’s on sale!



8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Koryn! Thanks for visiting my page ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay for new blogging friends! My husband actually relocated a few years ago from VA! So we (sorta) have the East Coast in common. Good luck with training for your first 5K!

    • Yay indeed!! That’s awesome re: the VA connection (lol) – looking forward to reading more of your posts & updates! Thanks for the 5K encouragement & thanks for visiting my page, as well!

  2. Thanks for following my blog — what 5k are you currently training for? Maybe we’ll have to meet up at a race someday! I think after your 5k, you’ll be hooked ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey there – thanks for commenting! You actually just reminded me that I needed to update my “About Me” page, since I actually completed my first 5k in March – yay! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a Bunny Run in Maryland. I’m gearing up to run my first 10K in September next. And you are abslutely right – I am def. hooked on running now. Lol! So, I wouldn’t doubt that we’ll meet up for a race some day. Thx again for stopping by!

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