Fashion Friday and Top Fives

I’m guessing by now you’ve noticed that I like to play with words… hence, the alliteration in my title. Say it loud… I have nerdy tendencies and I’m proud!!! 🙂 This week I’m actually sporting a new updo hairstyle, in preparation for the upcoming 5K. Here’s a few oh-so-chic selfies for ya…



Annnddd I also sported my fave pink blazer this week… got a great deal on it at H&M. Who doesn’t love a great deal for fashion??

pink blazer

That’s the highlights of my fashion this week guys! On to a fun “five” survey I found on Courtney’s blog TGIF!!

Last five people I talked to on the phone:
1. My sister
2. The receptionist at work
3. Theresa (friend from church)
4. My hubby Joel
5. Mom and dad

Last Five Meals I Ate:
1. Oatmeal (maple brown sugar with natural pb, cinnamon & a few white chocolate chips)
2. Sesame chicken with broccoli over garlic brown rice & quinoa
3. Roasted turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread with a smear of red pepper hummus!
4. Oatmeal… again (same as above)
5. Pomegranate Chobani (more of a snack than a meal, but so yummy!)

Last five places I’ve traveled:
1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (ah, the honeymoon in December ’12)
2. San Juan, Puerto Rico (our wedding location!)
3. Bear, Delaware (visiting the parentals!)
4. New York City
5. Philadelphia, PA (for the hubby’s ½ marathon race!)

Next five places I will go (outside of my hometown):
1. Bridgeport, CT (* to take my final comprehensive exam for grad school!)
2. Orlando, Florida
3. Our friend’s baby shower!
4. Indiana (more details in the months to come!)
5. NYC again, possibly

Last five workouts:
1. This morning workout. Thanks Cori!
2. 30 min. walk/run on treadmill
3. Same as above
4. 4 mile run outside with the hubby!
5. 30 min. walk/run on treadmill…again 🙂

And one that I added…

Five essential shoe/heels for Spring:
1. Bright/floral print heels
2. Cool, twisted strap heels
3. Dramatic color block heels
4. Sporty sandals
5. Chic T-strap wedge heels

Ok, it’s your turn!

Feel free to share ANY of your fives today!


9 thoughts on “Fashion Friday and Top Fives

  1. Last 5 meals I ate 🙂

    1. Blackened Tilapia (dinner last night)
    2. Cheese sandwich
    3. Balck Cherry Chobani (yummy snack)
    4. Maple Oatmeal with Chocolate Soy Milk (#dontjudgeme lol)
    5. Smoked Sausage

    Great post and cute pics!

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