Ethan’s First Year Update!

Ahhhhh, how in the world did this happen?!  I have a toddler now folks!  My little man is a big boy and turned the big ONE this past Saturday, on Jan. 31st!  So many emotions, and soooo much birthday planning leading up to that beautiful (albeit super cold) day!  In the end, it was such a beautiful time that I know my family will remember for years to come!  I really couldn’t ask for more, abd definitely couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, adorable little guy!  This year has definitely been FULL of challenges, struggles and all kinds of hurdles as we eventually hit each milestone, but with every challenge, there was def. some pretty AMAZING memories/moments… With that said, I wouldn’t change it or him for the world!  Mommy and daddy love you Ethan!  Happy First Birthday & Here’s to Many, Many More!!!

P.S. A Huge Kudos and Thanks to my co-worker Nerissa Jones for taking many of the AWESOME pics in this post!

Ethan Bop

Weight & Height: ….drum roll please!  So, remember I guessed that “Ethan is about 24 pounds and 31-32 inches long” in last month’s 11 Month Old Update?  Well, turns out, I was correct!  Ethan is now 24 pounds and 32 inches!!!  Yes, folks – that’s in the 95th percentile for height, and the 75th-90th percentile for weight!  Strong, tall and lean!  Love it! 🙂

Eating: This is still a bit of a struggle, unfortunately.  He def. eats well usually… um, well when we feed him pureed foods. He’s only slowly adjusting to REAL solid foods… we did get him to try cooked spinach, turkey sausage pieces and a little bread, but it’s still a hit or miss when it comes to him feeding himself.  We’re just going to keep at it (as per dr instructions), and personally, I resolved to stop worrying and just give it over to God.  Sounds a bit dramatic I know, but any new mom (or dad) knows the many anxieties that come along with hitting certain milestones at specified times.  As I’ve said before, all babies are so different and I’m confident Ethan will get a hold of it at his own timetable (as he’s done before) and we’re ok with that!

Bottles: Still going strong with the Toddler Transition formula – although we’ve re-introduced the hypoallergenic formula here and there, as he’s had some sensitivities to real milk, it seems!  With that said, we’re going to keep him on the formula for a little while longer and I’m going to switch him over from the whole milk yogurt to a coconut milk-based yogurt. We’re also planning to take him to an allergist to see if little man is indeed allergic to dairy… so, he may be switching to a milk alternative instead of transitioning to milk… BUT we’ll cross that river when we get there! 😉  As far as bottles, he still takes them as normally, but we’re offering the sippy cup more and more.  He hasn’t been feeling too well lately (more on that later!), so we haven’t really been pressing the transition too much just yet!

Sleeping (naps/bedtime): Naps are still fairly consistent… no more morning naps, one 2 hour afternoon nap and bedtime between 7-8pm (depending on his day/naps).  He was a bit off schedule lately, as he had his first official fever (that scarily got up to about 103 degrees(!!), after battling to back-to-back colds. Sooo, there were quite a few middle of the night wake-ups with a cranky/tired and congested Ethan!  Poor guy! 😦  Thankfully, a little Tylenol, the help of a humidifier, and lots of prayer, love (and endurance on our part lol), helped get us through it, and he’s finally feeling a little better!

Clothing: Still going strong with 18 month old clothing (24 months for coats/outerwear), size 4 to 4.5 shoes, and size 4 diapers.

New this month:

  • Not much new this month, other than his first birthday party which was held at a nearby Gymboree!  Pics below – YAY!!  Disclaimer:  Due to him being a little under the weather, he was a bit clingy throughout the festivities, but everyone had a great time!  It was a really good time! 🙂

1_PartySetUp!1_PartySetup21_EThan Gymboree


1_BDayCake1_BdayCake 2




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