What I Ate Wednesday #3 and Fun Stuff

Cheers, it’s Wednesday! Yes, I’m firm believer that if you celebrate every day rather than counting down ’til Friday than you’ll actually enjoy each day more. Just some food for thought! 😉

In all honesty, I’m pretty excited today for a few reasons…

(1) The book for my final grad school class – Exercise & Nutrition – delivered this week, and I applied for graduation today! So, by this summer, I will have my Masters of Science degree in Human Nutrition! Thank you, Jesus! It was defintely a long, but wonderful time coming! 🙂


(2) I’m going to be running my first 5K in less than 2 weeks – next Saturday, to be exact! YAY!! I even got some new duds for the race, which just shipped today… many thanks to Amazon.com and their discounted prices!!

Pearl Izumi Women’s Aurora Lightweight Hoody

New Balance tights
New Balance Women’s Go 2 Tights

Now, for What I Ate Wednesday! Mini Confession: “What I Ate Wednesday” actually consists of what I ate on Tuesday. 😉 So, here goes…

Breakfast still happened at 7 AM and it was my maple brown sugar oatmeal with natural peanut butter and cinnamon again – love this stuff! One minor change though… I actually had the lower sugar brand this time around, but no worries. I solved that lack of sugar by adding a small handful of white chocolate chips. Pure HEAVEN! Don’t ask – just try it! 🙂

My new love – Pineapple Chobani – followed a little while after, as my mid-morning snack.


Lunch was eaten a bit early at 12pm and consisted of leftovers…


Pizza, plus a serving of peaches! And yes, the fruit serving totally negates the calories in the pizza, in case you were wondering! 😉

The afternoon snacks were minimal… about 5 whole grain crackers and one small granola bar. Then, dinner was my new fave… turkey sloppy joes (sans the bread).


The picture may look a bit gross, but trust me – it is/was delicious! And I know, I know… you’re thinking, “Where is the color/veggies in your meal?” I had that covered too… ha!


A handful of jelly beans to complete my night! Yes, yes… this was one of “those” poor eating days. However, when you eat right 90ish% of the time, it’s ok not to stress about one poor day or two, every once in a while.

What’s your fave guilty pleasure?

Any fun stuff this week?


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