One Month Update

So, where has the time went?? I don’t know about you, but with a newborn it goes pretty darn fast and realllyyy slow at the same time. Lol! Usually, nights are slow… getting up every 3 hours to feed my little man can sure wear you out. Don’t get me wrong though… I wouldn’t trade … Continue reading

My Delivery Story Part 2

So, starting back from where I left off… Then finally, D-Day (1/31/14) had arrived… The c-section was scheduled for 10:30 AM that morning, but Joel (hubby) and I were told to arrive by 8:30-9 AM… FRIDAY (1/31/14) That morning, hubby and I were up at around 6:30 AM and on the road by 7:30 AM … Continue reading

9 Months…and ready to go!!!

Soooo… yea, do not let the smile in this pic fool you too much. ;-) The baby bump has literally taken over and has made getting around quite the uncomfortable adventure. BUT, the good thing is – I can still get around, drive to work every day and am still very productive! I’ve heard stories … Continue reading

Tuesday Thoughts – 33 weeks!

I’m having yet another random day, and decided to share some of my thoughts at 33 weeks preggo… going on 34!! :-) (1) So, I’ll start off with a positive! My total weight gain is still around 24 pounds…and I’m literally ALL belly! Seriously, somehow I can still fit into my pre-preggo size 2 pants … Continue reading

Baby Shower Part 1…

Look at me! Posting on a Sunday afternoon… ;-) Had to make a special appearance to share some pics from baby shower #1 for my little Ethan. It def. took a LOT of planning, but my twin sister and a friend from church made it such an Absolutely beautiful event! Hubby and I were incredibly … Continue reading

Surprise… 30 Weeks Preggo Update!

First, my apologies for (1) Not being consistent with my blog updates. Yes, I’ve been a not-so-good blogger as of late, due to my somewhat hectic life. It’s amazing all the planning needs that go behind preparing for a little one, especially when you’re still working a 9 to 5… not to mention the laziness … Continue reading

My Belly, and a rare “Diva” Moment…

Hey there! Sooo… I was having a rare “Diva” moment this morning, and decided to rock my “R&B Divas: Los Angeles” shirt! Lol! I actually won that shirt at work for getting “Honorable Mention in our costume contest. I was an oven… with a bun (aka baby Ethan) cooking in me. Haha!! Annndddd here’s a … Continue reading

23 (almost 24) Week Preggo Update

How far along? 23 weeks (but 24 weeks is only 2 days away!!) Baby’s size? Eggplant – about 10.5 to 11.38 inches in length and weights just over a pound. Total weight gain/loss: About 12 pounds (one pound up from last week!) Stretch marks? Nope (and let’s hope & pray it stays that way!) Sleep: … Continue reading