WIAW – it’s back!

Woohoo!  Guess who’s back for a “What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday”??? 😉  Just thought i’d pop in briefly to say “heeyyyy” and share what my eats have been looking like lately!  I gotta tell ya… I’m def. more privy to anything that is quick & easy (and somewhat healthy of course), these days.  But I digress… let’s jump right into it!



Breakfast of champs, folks!!  Lol.  On a good note, my good ole’ oatmeal is back in rotation!  Typically, it’s one instant packet – just add water, heat it up and I’m good to go!  Oh and I now eat breakfast at work.  My mornings are a bit too rushed to squeeze it in at home… gotta get myself ready, drop the kiddo off at daycare & head to work by 9am!  Never a dull morning I tell ya… never.  Lol!


1_Lunch Yesterday

So, if I don’t have time to prepare my lunch ahead of time (i.e. the night before), I usually head over to Whole Foods (which is located less than 5 min. away from where I work – a blessing and a curse haha) and get my fave “value meal” – General Tso’s vegan chicken, roasted mixed veggies and sweet potato fries.  This is actually an old pic though – yesterday I actually had garlicky greens instead of the fries, which was equally as yummy!!

And – just for fun – I thought I’d add a sneak peak into my food preparation process for making Ethan’s food.  Gotta love that Infantino Squeeze station, and gotta love mangoes!  He loves them!  Win!! 🙂  I usually make some sort of fruit puree or fruit & oatmeal combo for his breakfast, and make a vegetable/protein puree (i.e. sweet potatoes and corn, or black beans and rice) for his lunches and dinners!



So, I don’t actually have a pic of dinner, since I was starving by the time I actually had a minute to sit down and eat last night …. but it was a delicious turkey burger on a wheat bun and a few fries, made by the hubby!  Yum!!  Gotta love that guy! 😉  i do however, have another sneak peak pic, though.  I mentioned a few posts ago that me and the fam moved into our new home a little while ago.  Ethan’s many things had slowly taken over our 2 bedroom apartment, so the extra space was more than needed!  It’s actually a new development and it’s a 3-level, 3-bedroom townhome.  So, here’s a pic of the living room now that we actually have some furniture up.  Can you spy Ethan’s little chair, and the top part of his swing, which he’s quickly outgrowing btw?  I can barely keep up with him it seems lol.  Speaking of which, expect an 8 month update soon – either this week or next week! 😉


That’s all for now folks!  Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “WIAW – it’s back!

  1. Oh, the morning rush. I’m right there with ya on quick and easy meals. It’s even been so bad that sometimes I only have coffee for breakfast… bad bad! Loving the homemade meal prep and I do spot his lil chair and swing! Wishing your living room a minimum of baby gear/stuff as those things sure have a way of finding themselves in every room of the house!

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