10k Race, 7 month Update & More!

Hi guys!  I’m back… finally. 😉  Sooooo…this happened this wknd! I ran my first 10k, which is also my FIRST post-baby race AND my first race with the hubby!  Ah, I’m too excited to finally cross that off the good ‘ole bucket list!  I didn’t get to train much though – yikes!  So, my time … Continue reading

6 Month Update!!

Sooo… I’m almost 2 weeks late (I know.  Surprise, Surprise! Haha), BUT better late than never! 😉 Especially since SO much has changed…in just one month!  Here’s to half a year (WOW, still can’t believe it!) with my favorite little guy… Ethan!  And to commemorate the occasion 😉  I figured a 6 month old video … Continue reading

4 month/5 Month Update!

Welp friends, to say this has been (and still is) a busy summer is saying the least, at this point.  Can you tell?? 😉  No seriously, is anyone else wondering where June went and why July is flying by so quickly??  Oh, the struggle.  Lol.  Fortunately, this months and last month have been packed with … Continue reading

A Day in the Life…

So, this impromptu post was inspired by one of my fave bloggers Chels – so, I’m continuing on in the fun! 😉 Here’s my “Day in the Life” for those who care, and even for those who don’t…lol. 3 am. Yes, you read that right… at 3 AM, this momma rolls outta bed to relieve … Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Hey guys!! As usual, I’m on-the-go, with the most random post updates! Bear with me folks, I will get there eventually. Hoping everyone enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing and fun Memorial Day weekend! Ethan, hubby and I managed to visit friends and also have a little fun at National Harbor! YAY!! So, I just popped in … Continue reading

3 Month Update, Favorites & More!

Sooo… since I’m apparently too all over the place busy to keep up with the blog world these days, I figured let’s just try to roll up everything that’s been going on into one long(ish) but fun post! Bear with me, folks! So, first things first… yea that title. This update is more of a … Continue reading

Coffee Chat And a 2 Month Update!

YAY! I’m back…. Again. 🙂 So, I saw this idea of a coffee chat trending in the blogger world, so I thought I’d try my hat at it. I found it quite fitting since we haven’t had a talk in quite a while. With that said… If we were having coffee today…. …. I would … Continue reading

One Month Update

So, where has the time went?? I don’t know about you, but with a newborn it goes pretty darn fast and realllyyy slow at the same time. Lol! Usually, nights are slow… getting up every 3 hours to feed my little man can sure wear you out. Don’t get me wrong though… I wouldn’t trade … Continue reading

My Delivery Story Part 2

So, starting back from where I left off… Then finally, D-Day (1/31/14) had arrived… The c-section was scheduled for 10:30 AM that morning, but Joel (hubby) and I were told to arrive by 8:30-9 AM… FRIDAY (1/31/14) That morning, hubby and I were up at around 6:30 AM and on the road by 7:30 AM … Continue reading