8 Month Update

Ok ok… So yes, I’m waaayyyy late (SMH at me) but had to give this little guy who’s not so little anymore a proper post.  I’ve said it before but can’t say it enough… this strong, adventurous little cutie pie has completely stolen my heart. Yay Ethan!!!


Weight & Height: Not sure, but I’m guessing he’s at least a pretty solid 22 pounds by now.  Will be able to confirm more at his 9 month appointment in 2 weeks!

Eating: Still going pretty well! He’s still drinking 6 to 8 bottles of hypoallergenic formula per day, and getting 3 solids meals, as well (sometimes 4 – if he gets a snack at daycare)!

I also introduced a couple new foods this month, some of which were hits (and others were misses)…

  • Homemade vegetable lasagna (Total Hit!)
  • Steamed/pureed apples and pears (Hit!)
  • Pureed apples & carrots (Miss!)
  • Pureed black beans and brown rice (Hit!)
  • Steamed/Pureed asparagus, carrots and corn (Miss!)
  • Strawberry, peach and banana smoothie (Hit!)
  • Mixed vegetables pureed sans the aspargus (Hit!)
  • Gerber puffs (Miss!)


We’ve been working on incorporating more finger foods (i.e. little pieces of bread, or butternut squash or puffs), but it’s been a bit of a miss, so far. He’s pretty good at picking up a few foods, but he has absolutely NO INTEREST in eating them.  He’d rather observe the food, or toss it.  Sigh… we’re still working on it.  Lol.

Sleeping (naps): Ethan is still pretty consistent with his naps this month. Usually, he takes two naps at 10am and 1 or 2pm and each one lasts about an hour (or an hour and a half, occasionally). Sometimes it takes a little more effort to get him down to sleep though; and sometimes he’ll skip his morning nap altogether.

Sleeping (at night):  This has actually gotten LOADS better!  He pretty much sleeps through the night, only waking around midnight or 2-3am if he’s still a little hungry.  However, this month has also brought along Ethan’s first cold… And a baby with a cold can really throw things off in this department!  Once the cold arrived, he was waking up 2-3 times during the night, mostly because of his coughing/sneezing. Poor guy!!!  Thankfully, with the help of lots of TLC, warm soup, a little Tylenol and the awesome Nose Frida, he’s getting much better.

Clothing: Welp, we have quite the growing boy on our hands… Ethan can only fit some 6-9 month clothing, and mostly wears 9 month clothes and 12(!!) month clothing. All those clothes that family/friends bought for him which were once way too big, now fit pretty nicely I must say.  Thanks guys!  Lol!

New this month: Oh my goodness, so much going on this month!

  • No crawling yet, but he loves to be on his feet! He can stand on his own, with only a little support now.  We’re guessing that he’s going to skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking.  Yikes – gotta prepare for that one!
  • Clapping – he claps occasionally now, and I love it!
  • Really showing his preference for things (mostly books!!) – he can be surrounded by toys, but if there’s a book nearby, that’s usually what he’ll lunge for and grab!
  • A chatterbox – he just loves hearing his voice and is usually either babbling or blowing raspberries.
  • Holds his bottle all by himself… when he feels like it sometimes.  Ha!
  • Hitting pretty much anything! It’s his new favorite thing to do… he hits the table on his high chair, hits my hand (when I extend it out to him, like a high five)… pretty much anything near him. Lol!

Ethan likes:

  • Solid foods
  • Attempting to stand
  • Reading books
  • Listening to music
  • Being sung to
  • Being held
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sesame Street
  • The remote control (the real one…of course!)
  • My cell phone or daddy/hubby’s cell phone
  • Splashing in the tub
  • Sticking his tongue out and making funny sounds with it
  • Looking at himself in the mirror
  • Elements of surprise (peek-a-boo, sneaking up on him)
  • Dancing! Now, when he’s doing tummy time, he does this head nod thing to whatever music is playing or whenever daddy/hubby prompts him to do it.  It is Too Cute!!!
  • Leaning back into pillows when he’s seated on his play mat.  This little guy is just all over the place! 🙂


P.S. Super BIG Shout Out to the hubby for completing his 3rd marathon – this one was in Chicago!  He did soo well & finished strong!  Love him!  Annndddd that’s all for now folks!  Until next time!! 🙂



6 thoughts on “8 Month Update

    • Yep, sure thing! He didn’t PR this time, but said he felt pretty strong throughout & really enjoyed the race! Can’t beat that! We both entered the sweepstakes for the NYC marathon next year, so it’d be pretty cool to train together in the coming months! Maybe Ethan will even join us on a few runs…via the stroller of course! 🙂

  1. Ethan is adorable – he looks so big! Our little ones are almost the same age, Lochlyn will be 8 months old on Nov. 5th. I think she might skip crawling too! She is so good at rolling and uses this to get everywhere! It is crazy your little guy is already starting to stand up!

    Lochlyn has a cold right now too – so hard, you feel so bad for them and there isn’t a lot you can do to help. I ended up buying her a humidifier for her room, I think it is helping clear things up a bit. Hope Ethan is feeling better!

    • Thanks Angela! 🙂 And lol, yes Ethan is pretty big for his age… I believe in the 80-90th percentile for his length alone! To be fair though, this post was a tad late since he actually turned 9 months old today! So, I gotta get moving on the next update.

      Hoping Lochlyn is feeling much better soon! LOVE that name btw! 🙂 We bought Ethan a humidifier for his room too. It definitely helps & thankfully, he finally recovered from the cold! Thanks for your comments!

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