10k Race, 7 month Update & More!

Hi guys!  I’m back… finally. 😉  Sooooo…this happened this wknd!


I ran my first 10k, which is also my FIRST post-baby race AND my first race with the hubby!  Ah, I’m too excited to finally cross that off the good ‘ole bucket list!  I didn’t get to train much though – yikes!  So, my time was pretty slow – 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 10 min.  Not bad at all for not training beforehand and I’m pretty sure I could’ve run it in an hour tops, if it weren’t for those last 2 miles, when my body finally realized that my last long distance run was only 3 miles… over a month ago.  Lol!  Talk about painful!!  I had to walk/run those last 2 miles.  And I’m still sore as I type this post!  However, I was soo thankful for the BEAUTIFUL, flat course, all the cool swag we received afterwards, and my wonderful hubby who stayed with me and kept me motivated throughout the entire race!  He really could’ve finished in well under an hour, if he ran solo… He’s training for the Chicago marathon next month – so the 10k was just a fun run for him.  Gotta love that guy! **swoon**



On other notes… so much has happened in the good month of August!  Hubby, Ethan and I moved into our first home (Yay!), Ethan had his Christening/was dedicated back to God, andddd we finally made it to the beach before the summer sadly went away.  I’m loving the Fall breeze though, and the return of cute sweaters & boots, so no complaints!  Now onto the 7 Month Update & LOTS of pics!!!



Weight & Height: The last time I checked at the doctor’s, Ethan has jumped up to 20 lbs!! It was a random doctor visit though (since he had his first cold a little while ago), so I didn’t get the length measurement yet.  I’m sure he may be close to 3o in. by now though… such a strong, big boy he is!  Can’t even imagine how much he’ll grow by his official 9 month appointment!

Ethan 7 Months!!!

Eating: Ethan continues to eat like a champ (no surprise there lol), and now I am finally officially making ALL of Ethan’s food!  Hooo-rah!!! I bit the bullet and purchased a new steamer, which I LOVE and the Infantino Squeeze Station kit, recommended by my co-worker (and fellow new mommy), and so far so good!  Thankfully, my wonderful mom already bought me a fantastic blender, which makes making his purees a snap, and there’s very little clean-up afterwards.  Win/win!!  As far as his preferences, it’s still taking my little man a while to warm up to more flavorful foods like the chicken sweet potato and carrots mixture I made him.  However, he loves plain sweet potato puree, butternut squash puree, chicken/vegetable soup liquefied, blueberry and mango puree and homemade applesauce.

SteamerEating (1)

Sleeping (naps): Same as last month – he’s still a pretty good napper fortunately! Usually we’ll get one good morning nap, a 30-45 to a 2 hr. long afternoon nap, and (on good days) at least an hour long evening nap before his official bedtime (i.e. the time he finally conks out), which can be anywhere from 9:30 to 11pm!

Social: This kid loves attention and is super observative!  He can be quiet upon first meeting new people or going to new environments, but once he gets comfortable??  Phew!  He is all smiles and has this new thing where he makes different types of loud squeals… like he simply enjoys hearing his own voice.  It’s pretty hilarious.


Ethan_7 Months!

Likes: Pretty much the same… Eating, his jumper, sitting up (unassisted), listening to his favorite songs, being sung to, grabbing at faces (or anything he can get his hands on!), the remote control, his pacifier, bubbles, sticking his tongue out and making funny sounds with it.

Dislikes: Being in his carseat for too long, not getting all of mommy’s attention (if he notices me walking past him, he’ll make his presence known. Lol)… Pretty much the same as last month however he now loves his pacifier since he’s teething now.

Sleeping (at night): Soo, Ethan has had a few days where he has slept ALL night, i.e. 9pm to at least 6:30 am, with the occasional whimper here and there for his pacifier of course.  Hoping this starts a trend. 😉  Most nights, he still wakes up hungry at least once though.  Growth spurt??  Not sure, but we’re hanging in there and going with it!

Clothing: 9 month clothing and 9-12 month clothing, for the most part!  Hubby and I had to take inventory of his closet and put sooo many 3 month and 3-6 month clothing to the side, to either give away or throw away.  Tears.  Lol

Annndddd here are a few pics from our beach day, and more (for those interesting)!  Happy Monday!!!

P.S.  Guess who has not one, but 2 TEETH now?!

Ethan 2 teeth10600406_10152348738028730_100162801820817039_nBeach EthanBeach Me (1)Ethan PlayingEthan ReadingEthan Holding bottle Ethan Sesame Street


6 thoughts on “10k Race, 7 month Update & More!

  1. How did I miss this amazing accomplishment?! You rock, girl! Proud of u and I am inspired! And look at Baby E – so grown holding his bottle and eating such yummy goodness. Keep on keepin’ on, mama! 🙂

    • Thanks Sharisse!! 🙂 You’re def. one of my top inspirations yourself, mama! I had been trying to do that 10k for 2 years, lol. All in all, it was great experience & can’t wait to hopefully train for a 10-miler by next year. And yes, can’t get over how fast Baby E is growing! We’re right behind your Amazing twin boys!

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