4 month/5 Month Update!

Welp friends, to say this has been (and still is) a busy summer is saying the least, at this point.  Can you tell?? 😉  No seriously, is anyone else wondering where June went and why July is flying by so quickly??  Oh, the struggle.  Lol.  Fortunately, this months and last month have been packed with fun events like baby showers, a 4th of July trip to Richmond, VA, and upcoming bbqs, picnics and we’ll soon be moving into our first home (details to come in a later post)!  For now, I’ll let a few pics do most of the talking.  Here’s to a 4 month/5 month update of my FAVE lil’ guy – Ethan!


Ethan_4 months



Weight & Height: The last time we weighed Ethan was at his 4 month doctor’s appointment and my little man clocked in at a little over 16lbs, and almost 26 in. long!  Yes, he’s a big boy (and I just can’t get enough of him)!  I can’t even imagine how much he weighs now, as he’ swiftly approaching 5 and a half months!  Lol.  This is actually not too surprising since my hubby is almost 6 ft tall and we both were fairly chunky babies.  I mean who doesn’t love chubby-cheeked babies??  Just me??  Ok, I’ll take that. 😉

Eating: We’re still going strong with his soy-based formula, and little man is still doing 4 to 6 oz. every 3-4 hours, except during the night when he has his longer stretches of sleep. 

Shortly after he turned 4 months, we started doing some solids(!).  Like many, we started with the rice cereal, but Ethan was not a fan, to say the least, and unfortunately has battled some constipation issues since starting a few solids.  Poor guy. 😦  So, we gave oatmeal a try, per his pediatrician’s suggestion, but still… no dice.  Also recommended were foods that start with the letter “P” – i.e. prune or pear purees, peas, etc.  And he does much better with those, thankfully!  It took him a while to adjust to the peas, I’ll admit, but he’s now a fan (ehhh sometimes). 


His reaction to his first encounter with organic peas looked a little like this… lol!

This month (at 5 months), I’m starting to introduce him to other foods such as butternut squash, sweet potatoes and mangoes (which he loves!).  All organic so far… I’m very choosy about his foods, especially with his previous digestion issues.  Prayerfully, as we slowly introduce him to more, he’ll adapt a well-balanced appetite and won’t be a “picky-eater.”  Ha!

Sleeping (naps): Ethan is usually pretty good with naps and on an ideal day, will take 3 naps!  According to his daycare provider, his first two naps are usually anywhere between 1-1/2 to 2 hours.  His third nap (at home) is usually anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hour, or longer if his first two naps were short. Of course, sometimes, depending on how long his first or 2nd nap was, he may wind up skipping his third nap of the day, which usually makes for a slightly more cranky bedtime.

Sleeping (at night): This kiddo is still not sleeping through the night… womp womp!  Most days, he only wakes up once however – anywhere between 2 – 4 AM, in the morning, when he goes down at around 10:30 – 11:30pm at night.  How fortunate that hubby is a night owl and I’m a morning person… so you can bet our shifts have stayed the same.  😉  Still, we look forward to the days when he goes down at around 9 and wakes at around 6 am.  I’ll take that for the win!  

Clothing: Ethan has grown out all of his 0-3 month clothing since turning 4 months (naturally), and now at 5 months, he’s outgrown some of his 3-6 month clothes, depending on the maker. So, he’s officially in 6-9 month clothing!

Social: He is such a happy baby!  For the most part he wakes up smiling, and if he does cry, he’ll stop pretty quickly once mommy starts counting or singing to him while changing his diaper. He’s very forgiving of my err umm “less than par” singing voice – bless his little heart! 🙂  He’s also great with other family and friends – he’s not clingy to me or his dad, at all.  He WILL however watch to make sure we’re still within eyesight when we have guests over, which I find adorable!  At daycare, he does really well with interacting with the 3 other toddlers and loves learning new things.  I’d say we’re pretty blessed!



Likes: His bouncer, his burp cloths, tummy time (YAY!), reading books, listening to music (The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Hot Dog” song is his favorite), daddy humming the Superman Theme song or the Rocky Theme song, grabbing at faces, examining his hands, his Bumbo seat, eating mango puree or his soy formula.


Dislikes: Being in his car seat for too long (we discovered this on our 4th of July trip to VA), sleeping on his back, pacifiers (unless he’s sleepy and hangs on until he falls asleep), playing with any toy for longer than 30 min. max at a time – little man likes to switch things up quite a bit, socks or any blankets covering his feet or legs (lol).


And now, here a few more pics to catch you up on these past 2 months!  Hope you enjoy! 


Ethan at me at a friend's baby shower

Ethan at me at a friend’s baby shower


Ethan having some tummy time on his first trip away - 4th of July wknd!

Ethan having some tummy time on his first trip away – 4th of July wknd!

Ethan and Me_cute

Family Selfie Time in VA!

Family Selfie Time in VA!

Another VA pic - my fave!!! :)

Another VA pic – my fave!!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “4 month/5 Month Update!

  1. Aww! Ethan is such a cutie! Glad you commented on my blog so I can follow your family!! We are starting daycare with the twins in 3 weeks. Ahh. I am a teacher and we had a nanny come at the end of last year because I was too nervous (and unsure if I was going to return to work after having them..so we never reserved spots!).
    I am nervous about every aspect of it. But I know that things will work out and we will all get into routines.
    Hope Ethan starts sleeping better at night for you! I am thankful for our great sleepers, but teething is kicking my butt!

    • Thanks Cait & thanks for the follow! I still have soo much revamping to do with my blog, but the fam comes first 😉 …so we shall see! And yes, I remember being SUPER anxious about putting Ethan in daycare, but it has worked out pretty well so far, so hopefully it’ll work out for your twins, as well. 🙂 Hope the teething gets better too! Our Ethan is in the beginning stages of it, so he’s been drooling like crazy! Lol! Thankfully, it hasn’t been too painful yet, though.

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