A Day in the Life…

So, this impromptu post was inspired by one of my fave bloggers Chels – so, I’m continuing on in the fun! 😉 Here’s my “Day in the Life” for those who care, and even for those who don’t…lol.

3 am. Yes, you read that right… at 3 AM, this momma rolls outta bed to relieve the hubby from his 11pm – 3 AM shift of getting work taken care of/catching a few Zzz’s and watching our little man on the video monitor. A crazy schedule yes, but it works for us, and we occasionally switch shifts when we feel the need!


3:10 am. By this time, I usually finished washing/sterilizing Ethan’s bottles for daycare, and settle in on the couch with the baby monitor propped up at eye level.

4 – 4:30 am. Lil’ man starts fidgeting/crying, and I jump up to get his bottle, feed him, rock him back to sleep and settle him back down in his crib.

5 am. Get up and get dressed/ready for work.

6 am. Clean up the living room a bit, prep Ethan’s next bottle, enjoy a little breakfast (either a fruit smoothie, oatmeal or an egg white breakfast sandwich).


6:30-6:45 am. Hubby gets up, and gets dressed/ready for work. I get Ethan up, change his diaper, get him dressed and feed him.

Me_Ethan dressed

7:30 am. Ethan and I head over to his daycare provider’s home, where he gets dropped off.

8 am. I head off to work, facing the lovely traffic that awaits me. Lol! I actually don’t mind it though – driving to work solo gives me some much-needed “me time” to zone out listening to music, pray or just relax while driving! 🙂

9am – 6pm. Get to work, and do just that – work. Lol. I also have my 1 to 2 cups of coffee, lunch is thrown in there at 1pm, and more than likely, a few emails are shared between hubby and I during that time to give updates re: errands, and catch up on each other’s day.

Me_at work

6:30pm. Finally home, so I have lots of kisses for the hubby and my little man! 😉 I then play with Ethan for a bit while hubby gets some work done.

7pm. Either hubby or I will prepare a little dinner. Frozen is the name of the game when you’re short on time like we always are, lol – i.e. salmon burgers or turkey burgers and veggies – or I occasionally, will order salads for delivery! Yes, I’m soo guilty of ordering salads or other foods during the week to save on time or because I’m tired/lazy.


8pm. Wash and sterilize Ethan’s bottles, clean up the kitchen, iron clothes for tomorrow, pick out Ethan’s clothes for tomorrow, take a shower…

9-9:30pm. Give Ethan a bath, and get him ready to settle down for the evening. Thankfully, since he’s still so small, he doesn’t need a bath every night, so we just go with it, as needed.

10:00-10:30pm. Feed Ethan his last bottle before hubby’s shift starts, and off to bed I go! Quite the party animal, I am. Lol

P.S. On occasion, when I can, I leave work a bit early to take a Pure Barre workout class at 5:30pm. Otherwise, I have very little time for fitness during the work week. Meh, yea… I’m working on that! C’est la vie, for now!



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