3 Month Update, Favorites & More!

Sooo… since I’m apparently too all over the place busy to keep up with the blog world these days, I figured let’s just try to roll up everything that’s been going on into one long(ish) but fun post! Bear with me, folks!

So, first things first… yea that title. This update is more of a 3 and a half month update, as my little Ethan is swiftly approaching 4 months! Gahhh, I just can’t believe how fast he’s growing up already.


ETHAN – 3 (and a half) months old!!

New This Month: So, little man finally rolled over from front to back! **insert tears** He’s only done it about 4 times so far, but he’s always trying to turn now, especially during playtime or nighttime. This little guy no longer wants to sleep on his back – he’s always turned to the side now. Thank God for baby monitors with video, so hubby and I can keep an eye on him now that he’s much more mobile. He’s also drinking up to 6 oz at a time occasionally, every 3-4 hours. So, there’s no lack of appetitie there. His normal amount is still about 4 oz. every 3 hours but I’m guessing random growth spurts increase his appetite on occasion.

Don't be shy... a healthy appetite makes for a healthy boy! :)

Don’t be shy… a healthy appetite makes for a healthy boy! 🙂

Also New: He’s also been doing very well and thriving at daycare! Such a relief for this over-protective mommy, let me tell you! The great thing about the in-home daycare that we keep him at during the workday, is the daycare provider only watches 2 other kids. So, he’s able to be social without the risk of being around too many people/germs/etc. Plus, she works with him re: tummy time. Yep, you guessed it… little man is still not a fan of exercising his little arms, but we’re working on it! Meanwhile, it was a relief that he was still able to hit that milestone of flipping over despite his love/hate relationship with tummy time. 🙂



Now, for those, who aren’t interested in baby news…my apologies as I’ve been flooding the blog lately with all things baby and I can’t promise that will change, for at least a little while. However, in effort to have some balance, here are some of my favorites! YAY for surveys!! I found this cool one from of my fave HL bloggers – sweet tooth, sweet life.

Name your favorite…

Person: Ethan!


Shocker, I know (lol). But next to God/my hubby, this little guy is my absolute FAVORITE!

Color – Still pink! Such a girly girl I am!

Food – General Tso’s Vegan Chicken (from Whole Foods)! No, I’m not a vegan, but oh my, I’m in love with this “chicken.” I have at least once or twice a week when I can! My tummy loves it… my wallet, not so much. :-p

I usually just have it with veggies, but it's Great with brown rice too.

I usually just have it with veggies, but it’s Great with brown rice too.

The container after about 10 min. Lol!

The container after about 10 min. Lol!

Movie – My favorites def. change from time to time, but currently it’s “Mom’s Night Out.” Saw it with my sister Mother’s Day weekend…and trust me, even if you’re not a mom, go see it! Hilarious!!

Time of day – The end of the workday, when I can head home and see my two fave men (hubby & Ethan)!

Day of the week – Friday!! It’s date night/family quality time night. Plus, knowing I don’t have to get up (and get me & Ethan dressed) early is always a much welcomed break for me!

Thing to do when bored – Lol, this is a joke right…?? But seriously, in the rare moments that I’m actually bored, I like to catch up on reading my fave blogs, and some new blogs!

And that, my friends, is it! Until next time!!!!

My lame selfie attempt!  See ya later folks!

My lame selfie attempt! See ya later folks!


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