Coffee Chat And a 2 Month Update!

YAY! I’m back…. Again. 🙂 So, I saw this idea of a coffee chat trending in the blogger world, so I thought I’d try my hat at it. I found it quite fitting since we haven’t had a talk in quite a while. With that said…

If we were having coffee today….
…. I would tell you how much I miss being a more consistent blogger. Like seriously. I really wish I could keep up with it all, but let’s be honest… I’m a still a fairly new wife, now a new mom and am just getting back to work. Something had to give and unfortunately it was blogging… for now. Not sure how you other blogger moms do it – cooking every day, working, taking care of the kid(s) and Still finding time to blog every day or every other day. Phew! You most definitely deserve a personal round of applause.

… I would tell you that I have unfortunately let my regular exercise fall to the wayside these past 2 weeks, as I try to adjust my work schedule and also having another life – my little Ethan’s – to care for. I will say that I’m very fortunate and grateful that most of my baby weight has already dropped off though! So I can actually fit most of my pre-preggo clothes. Woot woot!! I still “feel” very different though and am looking forward to toning up again. I‘m also More than excited to share that hubby and I are both signed up to finally do my first 10K in September! Time to dust off my running shoes and get back at it!!!!!


… I would tell you I am just OBSESSED with this little guy…and that most days, I’m completely exhausted! Lol. Ok, no surprise there. Adjusting to maybe 3 to 5 hours a night and still working a 40 hour week most definitely takes its toll. But then I look at this face, and my heart just melts. I’d work an extra 50 hours for him, if I could. I’m sure you moms out there can relate!


… I would tell that our first Easter with Ethan was a huge blessing… and also tiresome. Gotta be honest! We enjoyed church service via Livestream – thank God for technology!! – and then we spent the afternoon/evening over my husband’s cousin’s house for a family potluck/get-together! Although it’s pretty darn challenging having to get an 2.5 month old dressed and ready, he was just the cutest and handled his first “real” outing fairly well! He’s only been to the doctor and Costco once. Ha!


… I would tell you I that this is gonna be a long post. If you haven’t already figured that out. Haha! So, to keep it somewhat short. Let’s get to it! Ethan’s 2 month update…even though he’s almost 3 months now!! 😉

Ethan_2 months

2 Month Old collage

Weight & Height: At the 2 month check-up, he weighed 12 pounds, 9 oz. and measured 23 inches long! He’s gonna be a tall one!

Eating: Boy, does this boy love to eat. He eats about 4 oz. every 3 to 4 hours…and he lets you know if you’re not moving quick enough! Finding the right formula has been quite the journey, since my preggo health condition prevented me from producing enough breast milk for him and regular dairy formula caused digestive issues. Poor thing! Fortunately, we’ve finally discovered a soy-based formula that works VERY well for him. He’s a much happier kid and we are loving it!

Sleeping (naps): His naps are a hit or miss, it seems. Sometimes he’s very alert and will only nap3 or 4 times in a day for only 40 minutes…and other days he takes a good 2-3 hour morning nap, a quick 45 min. nap and then another 2 or 3 hour evening nap.

Sleeping (night): Again, it’s a hit or miss. Some nights he gies down easily after he’s fed and swaddled…and other nights, he just wants to play and laugh…and sometimes fuss or cry… all night long. Ah, gotta love these early stages! Last night he actually slept 7 hours straight for the first time…from 11pm to 5 AM. I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Lol!

Clothing: We are in 3-6 month clothing the majority of the time. There are hardly any outfits that are 0-3 month that still fit him, at this point.

Social: He is def. a sociable little guy! He loves to coo, talk (in his baby language), smile and he’s also pretty receptive to being held by friends and family. Yay!!

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, being held upright so he’s in standing position, listening to nursery songs, his play pen, EATING (like a champ), getting a diaper change, sleeping on his stomach (while mommy or daddy watches him)!

Dislikes: His binky (aka pacifier), not being paid attention to, being hungry (for like more than a second), tummy time, getting his swaddle sleep sack put on at night, being held/cradled like a baby.

That’s all for now folks!! Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Coffee Chat And a 2 Month Update!

    • Awww thanks! 🙂 And good to know it gets better! The first few weeks were quite the struggle for me too. Now that’s he’s getting a bit older, I’m loving seeing more of his personality peak out here and there!

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