One Month Update

So, where has the time went?? I don’t know about you, but with a newborn it goes pretty darn fast and realllyyy slow at the same time. Lol! Usually, nights are slow… getting up every 3 hours to feed my little man can sure wear you out. Don’t get me wrong though… I wouldn’t trade it for the WORLD! He is the most precious little person I ever met and now, he’s one month old! ***cue the tears***

I’m way too tired for a long post, but I most certainly can/will share some of my favorite pic highlights from this month. And here are my top 3 tips for surviving the first few weeks with a newborn…they worked for our household and perhaps it can work for yours.

(1) Sleep when the baby sleeps! Oh man, at first, I tried do everything – sterilize bottles, clean and/or just surf the net/play on my cell when he slept – but boy did I learn quickly. An extremely fatigued mommy is no help to anyone, so I learned to take advantage of this one. Apparently, I’m still a work in progress though – I’m tying this post…as he sleeps. Smh

(2) Accept help from family/close friends! The first week my mom stayed with us to help cook/clean, the 2nd week my husband took off so we both could bond with him and work in shifts for cleaning/work around the house and the 3rd week my twin sister stayed with us to help out. I’m not sure how I would’ve survived without this help – recovering from surgery (C-section) and caring for my little Ethan is no small feat. 😉

(3) If your husband is present/willing, work in shifts for middle of the night feedings. Since we use formula to supplement his feedings, hubby is able to both bond and help with overnight feedings. So he normally takes the first half of the night 11pm/12am to 2am and I take the 2nd shift – 3am to 6/7am. That way, both of us get “some” sleep and bonding time!

Now for pics!!!!

Ethan2 (2)

Can you tell he wants to talk soon??

cute Ethan hand

He loves to “give us the hand” when he wakes up and needs a few minutes. LOL, too funny!

Cute Ethan!


Ethan4 (3)

HAPPY ONE MONTH ETHAN!! ***yawn*** Lol 🙂


2 thoughts on “One Month Update

  1. Aw! The hair! The eyes! Love it! 🙂 He is adorable! We totally did that same shift as well (me and my hubs). It is all about survival, so good for you on getting Z’s when you can and accepting help. Enjoy motherhood/parenthood!

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