My Delivery Story Part 2

So, starting back from where I left off…

Then finally, D-Day (1/31/14) had arrived… The c-section was scheduled for 10:30 AM that morning, but Joel (hubby) and I were told to arrive by 8:30-9 AM…

FRIDAY (1/31/14)

That morning, hubby and I were up at around 6:30 AM and on the road by 7:30 AM to make it there on time. For anyone else in the DC/Maryland/VA area, you know it has been quite chilly! Thankfully, it wasn’t snowing though, however. I was feeling good for most of the morning and we actually made it to the hospital entrance a bit early at around 8:15 AM… and then… I went into labor. WOW! I didn’t realize what was going on at the moment, but as soon as I got out of the car, I started getting some pretty intense contractions. So, the very thought of walking into the hospital had me bursting in tears. Somehow, hubby helped me into the hospital, where they quickly ushered me into the elevator, to head to the Labor & Delivery floor. Once we got there, Joel had to go back downstairs to park the car & collect our hospital bags, while they got me all dressed in my lovely hospital gown (lol), and prepped with an IV. Can I just say this… I think I was more terrified of getting an IV than I was of actually having to get an epidural. My veins are super tiny so nurses/doctors usually NEVER get it right the first time. And of course, it took 3 TRIES to successfully get my IV working. Ugh!!!

Fortunately, hubby was great at coaxing me through the process and there was this wonderful nurse – I forget her name, but I believe it was Melissa – who was soo encouraging and positive throughout the process. I really thank God for her! Plus, my ob/gyn had arrived shortly thereafter so it was very comforting to see her there as she went over the process with me. Oh and did I mention that the contractions were still coming and going pretty strong?? Another nurse said I was pretty fortunate to be able to have that experience since most never get to feel what labor feels like when they have a planned caeserean delivery. She’s right of course, but I’m definitely more appreciative of that experience… AFTER the fact. Lol! I have SO MUCH new respect for all the moms who endured long, active labor! It’s funny because it feels like the contractions never really go away… they just go from mild to strong!

My parents and my twin sister arrived shortly after Joel and I arrived, so it did help to see them, as they were able to visit me, in pairs of two. First, my sister came in, then my mom and my sister, then my dad…and then it was time for me to head to OR (the Operating Room). Joel had to get changed first, and I had to get my epidural done alone, before he could return.

The Epidural… surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad. The OR was pretty cold, which is normal, and there was a team of about 6 nurses/doctors/residents in the room there to prep me, and get me in the proper hunched position for it. Again, thanking God for nurse Melissa, who faced me and kept me calm by saying what a good job I was doing, as they inserted it. The actual shot didn’t hurt – just tickled really – so the key was keeping still. Once that was over, I started feeling some numbing effects right away and then Joel came in to join me on my side, in preparation for the delivery!!

The actual delivery only took about 15 to 20 min. and one of the first things the doctor noted was that he had a head full of hair! This made me laugh… ya know before the burst of tears (again)… this time though it was the overwhelming emotion I felt as they declared his birth time, cleaned him up and brought him over to me and Joel for the first time. I still do not have the words to describe how overcome with emotion I was and every time I think about first seeing his beautiful little face. Joel and I couldn’t be more in love with him!!













I love my little Ethan!! 🙂 And I’m recovering wonderfully, by the way. We stayed at the hospital from Friday to Monday afternoon, and I must say that Joel is an absolutely EXCELLENT dad! He’s so great with him, especially since I have to limit my movement for now, until I’m all healed up in 2 to 8 weeks. Perhaps, I’ll talk about the recovery in another post, on another day… if anyone is interested. Let me know! I will say that it does take a few weeks to look/feel normal again, so God really has been working on my patience with that. I believe I am pretty fortunate that I was all belly, so that’s the only bit of weight I’ll have to lose, once I’m healed and able to exercise again. For now, I walk as much as possible and am just enjoying being Ethan’s mom! 🙂

….and that’s my story folks!!!


2 thoughts on “My Delivery Story Part 2

  1. I absolutely LOVE your story!!! (perhaps I’m biased b/c I’m your twin, and Auntie to Ethan lol : ). But still, this was a great read! Congrats again and Continued Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your delivery story. I’m always interested in everyone’s different experiences. Yours sounded like a success. The end result being a little cutie pie. I can’t believe you experienced labor and C-section (wow!) After this you can conquer anything now.

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