9 Months…and ready to go!!!

34.5 weeks preggo

Soooo… yea, do not let the smile in this pic fool you too much. 😉 The baby bump has literally taken over and has made getting around quite the uncomfortable adventure. BUT, the good thing is – I can still get around, drive to work every day and am still very productive! I’ve heard stories about other soon-to-be moms needing to be on bed rest at this point, so I’m grateful that I’ve never had to do that throughout my entire pregnancy so far. And even moreso, I soooo can’t WAIT to meet my lil’ man – Ethan Isaiah!!

What is baby up to at 36 weeks pregnant?
Baby is the size of a a head of romaine lettuce – or 6lbs and 18 1/2 inches long
He’s shedding the downy hair and vernix that has covered his body
He’s one week away from being considered “FULL TERM”!

How is mama feeling?
Weight Gain: Holding steady at about 25 lbs gained. Not too shabby. I’ve definitely been drinking my weight in water, orange juice and occasionally sweet tea though. Just ask my hubby – he has the weekly Costco receipts to prove it! Lol. Food has been consistently unappealing for a few weeks now, as there is simply not enough room in my belly. So, eating little bits here and there, more frequently, has been quite the life savor!

Fitness: I still am able to walk around a LOT, so that’s about all I do at this point… unless you count the frequent squats I have to do whenever I drop something (which happens pretty often actually). Oh, clumsy/preggo me. Lol.

Baby Position: He is positioned head-down and ready to go! It’s almost a shame that I know I’ll be delivering via c-section, since he’s in perfect position for a vaginal delivery… not complaining though. All this mama wants is a healthy/happy baby, and a speedy recovery (for me)! 😉

Anxiety: My anxiety level is pretty low, surprisingly. But then, I’m def. the type of person who doesn’t really get nervous until the “day of” or until some real labor signs start to present themselves. The only thing that makes me a bit antsy is making it to next week, when I’ll be officially FULL TERM and can safely deliver.

Over It: I have definitely hit the point in my pregnancy where I am getting pretty over it. Gotta be honest! I must say that I AM so incredibly thankful to God and my body for allowing me to carry a healthy baby and make it this far, however. It’s just getting VERY uncomfortable having random aches & pains throughout the day, and having to take endless bathroom breaks …all day & all night. Lol. Nevertheless, I will be patient and soak up these last few “easy” days of having Baby Ethan in my belly since I hear life gets a little more challenging when they are outside.

Sleep: Umm, sleep has been both wonderful AND terrible, if that makes any sense. I’m up almost every 2 hours (i.e. Terrible!) – either to get some water because I’m thirsty (or I’m just craving water), or else I’m heading to the bathroom because of my increased water intake. But the 2-3 hours when I can actually sleep – HEAVENLY!!! Oh, and baby Ethan gets his morning workout in my belly at around 5 AM every morning, like clockwork. Hmmm.. I wonder if that will be the time he wakes up when he’s on the outside. We shall see folks!

Best Moment(s): Having my co-workers/TV One family surprise me with a plethora of gifts and balloons for baby Ethan! I was SO surprised & overwhelmed in the Best way! They got me everything from a baby video monitor to boxes of pampers to the swing I wanted from Target! Needless to say, I was all smiles and incredibly grateful. 🙂


Any other expecting mamas out there?

Any last minute advice for these last few days before delivery??


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