Tuesday Thoughts – 33 weeks!

I’m having yet another random day, and decided to share some of my thoughts at 33 weeks preggo… going on 34!! 🙂

(1) So, I’ll start off with a positive! My total weight gain is still around 24 pounds…and I’m literally ALL belly! Seriously, somehow I can still fit into my pre-preggo size 2 pants (albeit, I need a rubber band-like tie to hold them together 😉 ) with X-Large tops, and I’m good to go. So, my initial ALL-DAY sickness and weird protein/veggie cravings/lack of sweet cravings have counted for something good, I see. Although if you asked my preference in my first few months, I probably would’ve preferred to gain extra weight (that I would just work on losing afterwards) rather than be sick for so long. Ha!

(2) Some not so fun news… somehow I developed a mild case of obstetric cholestasis in my 3rd trimester, which basically means I’m super itchy all the time. The good news is the antibiotics prescribed really worked after about a week, and my liver function is NORMAL. Very much a relief, since that can affect baby Ethan! More good news (in my opinion)… I will have a scheduled delivery at 37 weeks! That means I have less than 4 weeks to go, people!! Wowzers!

(3) Speaking of c-sections, I know many people are very much against them, and the preferred method of delivery is natural/vaginal, but I truly believe every case is different and I’m grateful for the other options we have nowadays because there are cases where it is REALLY out of your control. With that said, I truly believe I can handle a vaginal delivery (with an epidural since I have ZERO tolerance for pain lol) because despite all of the challenges I’ve had in this pregnancy, God has allowed me to do remarkably well, health-wise. I am truly blessed and grateful!!!!! So, only time will tell, but I must say – the planner in me is extremely grateful for my scheduled method of delivery!

(4) Speaking of time…where did it go??? Yikes! Am I really ready?? Then again, is anyone ever truly ready for their first child?

(5) On another note, I seriously drink an INSANE amount of water, and orange juice these days. Like, I’m talking ALL day and ALL night – mostly water though. This is a good thing, but not fun when it causes numerous trips to the bathroom throughout the night. Can’t help it – I have an insatiable thirst, it seems. So, of course, I was all too happy when my gestational diabetes test came back negative!

(6) Speaking of that gestational diabetes test… TERRIBLE! I had to take the 3-hour version where you drink a super sugary drink in 5 minutes (after fasting for 8 hours), and then your blood is checked every hour, for 3 hours. Let’s just say Ethan and I did NOT like that process… and I had a return of the 1st Trimester nausea/vomiting afterwards. Sorry TMI! Yea…glad that’s over.

(7) Oh my goodness, I’m going to be a mom in less than a month! I’m already in love with this little guy. Can’t wait to meet him face to face and see my hubby hold him for the first time! **Swoon**

(8) And to end on a high note, here’s a sneak peak of Ethan’s room! Not completely finished organizing his dresser drawers, but everything else is done, aside from washing his bedding a week before his arrival! YAY!

Mickey Mouse Theme!! 🙂

Side View!!

My nursing/rocking chair!!

A few of the clothes in his closet!!


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