Surprise… 30 Weeks Preggo Update!

First, my apologies for (1) Not being consistent with my blog updates. Yes, I’ve been a not-so-good blogger as of late, due to my somewhat hectic life. It’s amazing all the planning needs that go behind preparing for a little one, especially when you’re still working a 9 to 5… not to mention the laziness from the 3rd trimester fatigue. 😉 And apologies for (2) turning my high heels/healthy living blog into an “all-things-Baby-Ethan” blog, as of late. I promise I will eventually get back to my WIAW updates and my fashion/high-heel updates… eventually. This is just a very BIG part of my life right now, and I’m actually not too sorry that I want it ALL documented on my blog. So, I’m sorry but not too sorry for that one…if that makes sense. Hope that doesn’t sound mean!

Soooo, here I am at 30 weeks pregnant!


How far along? 30 weeks and counting down!!

Baby’s size? About 15.7 inches long now and weighs almost 3 pounds (about the size of a large cabbage)

Total weight gain/loss: About 24 pounds gained – all belly! Wowzers!

Stretch marks? Nope… so far, so good!

Sleep: Sleep has continued to be a bit rough, but it’s considered a “good night” if I can get to sleep soon after having to get up for a bathroom break. Last night was a good night, fortunately! I also need 3 pillows to sleep comfortably now… one between my legs/knees, one for my belly and one for my head.

Best moment this week: I’m not sure if I can pick just one actually, so I’ll include two. 😉 (1) Successfully getting through baby shower #2 – the one my mom planned for us! We traveled to where my parents live in Delaware and were able to catch up with so many family and friends, who I hadn’t seen in months. Good times! Annnndddd (2) oh the presents/gifts for Ethan! From baby shower #2 alone, we had so many gifts that we filled up our SUV and my sister’s car with them. I am definitely feeling super blessed from all of the love!

Miss Anything? I miss being able to sleep through the night, or at least 5-6 hours straight. Perhaps I’ll be able to do that in oh 3 to 5 years?? Lol! I also miss running, but for now, getting lots of walks in works. Annnd if all goes well with my health/recovery, I may have my first 10-miler planned for September of next year – 2014!

Movement: Yes, lots of movement but he def. has more sleep/wake patterns now, which is nice.

Food cravings: Still, protein and veggies! I actually had a return of food aversions… this time to all things sweet (candy, cookies, cake, etc). A sad day, folks! The only sweets I can stand are some fruits and fruit juices like apples, peaches, cranberry juice, or orange juice. So, I’ve actually “happily” avoided all the decadent desserts that come along with this time of year because I sincerely do not have a taste for them. Who would’ve thought it?!? I think Ethan has me on a healthier eating plan than I have ever had! My typical breakfast is now 2 boiled eggs and some turkey sausage, lunch may be seafood, black beans or chicken with broccoli or another veggie(s) and some form of dairy (usually cheese), dinner is similar but may also include a carb like bread or brown rice (or occasionally french fries), and I no longer snack… I just spread my meals throughout the day.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Too much cranberry juice or orange juice will make me feel sick, but that’s about it.

Gender: BOY! Yay!!!

Labor Signs: None yet.

Symptoms: A little heartburn at night sometimes, a few bouts of “restless leg syndrome
and general fatigue… I get winded sometimes from just walking for 10 to 15 min. Not fun!

Belly Button in or out? Most definitely OUT!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Can’t wait to meet my little Ethan!

Looking forward to: Christmas!!! Even though Christmas will be very low-key in our household this year, I’m looking forward to listening to some good Christmas music & movies and just enjoying the break!

I also have a TON of baby shower pics to share… I’ll include them in a separate post though. That’s all for now.

What’s going on in your world?

Anyone have exciting Christmas plans?


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