My Birthday, Thanksgiving & Anniversary Week… Woohoo!

So, talk about your power-packed weeks… lol! If you can believe it, I actually still missed one minor/major detail for this week. I’ll officially be in my 3rd trimester this week!!! Hallelujah! I am SO ready to be in the home stretch and meet my little guy!

Ok, well, I’m not literally ready… who am I kidding? Hubby and I still have to 2 upcoming baby showers, and there’s the whole setting everything up in the baby room part. Ha! I’m just ready in the sense of getting my little Ethan bun out of this oven. 😉

Since I took another mini-break from blogging (‘tis the life of this super busy preggo momma), I have lots to catch you guys up on! First up, yesterday my hubby surprised me with an early birthday gift – a Sunday afternoon at my FAVE spa – The Pearl Modern Spa!


Can I just tell you that the prenatal spa massage was EVERYTHING! The fact that they have a contraption that allowed me to lay comfortably on my stomach (without squishing baby Ethan) was enough to put me in tears, alone. I can’t tell you how much this momma MISSED being able to lay on her belly! The next best thing about this gift… the spa lunch! Of course, I combined two of my fave foods in one – Calamari Salad! Yum!!


I tell you Sunday afternoon was just what the doctor ordered, especially since I have to work on my actual birthday – Wednesday. Hubby gets TONS of brownie points for this one! 😉
And next up, you ask? Our first Thanksgiving as hubby & wife! YAY! I will say that this year we’re going to be quite non-traditional in that we won’t be able to visit family though. 😦 In fact, we’re opting to go out for our T-Day meal… now that’s Def. a first for me & him! However, it’s with very good reason, as we’ll be traveling to Miami the next morning to celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary/BabyMoon! Can’t believe how quickly one year went, and how swiftly Dec. 1st is approcahing!!

Anniversary Photo

Friends, this mini-break is soo needed for BOTH of us! Hubby has been working so hard and taking care of me, and I’ve been… well, working and getting Bigger…and much slower. Lol! Moving around with this belly is no easy task, let me tell you. But it comes with the territory, and I will take EVERY BIT that will produce a nice, strong healthy baby boy, so no complaints!
And with so much going on this week, all I wanna do is get through this 3-day work week as productively and Quickly as possible, so we can get to being thankful (as always) and some much needed R&R.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Anyone else traveling this week?


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