It’s a BOY, Name Reveal and More Updates!

First, mucho apologies for not being consistent at all with my posts! I’m still alive and kicking (promise!) annndddd I now know we have another little one, who is alive and kicking, and very much a BOY! YAY!!!!! Hubby and I were ecstatic to have the sonogram done a few weeks ago, to reveal the sex of the baby! Some prefer to wait and be surprised (which I don’t knock) but the Type A/Super-planner in me would never allow for such patience. Ha! Thankfully, hubby also wanted to know.

And now for his name reveal… Ethan Isaiah Shuler! Confession: Hubby and I had a boy’s name and a a girl’s name already thought out before we even knew we were expecting! Can you tell how eager we were/are to have a baby?!

And here’s a much happier (less nauseous) me, at a little over 21 weeks pregnant…

21 weeks

Does anyone else think my belly looks huge for 21 and a half weeks?? I am seriously wondering how in the world my belly will stretch out more…it already feels like my belly button is about to pop open. Lol. Fortunately, it’s not too painful to walk around, and I do a LOT of walking these days. Now, the ease of getting in and out of the car… that’s a whole ‘nother story. 😉

How far along? 22 weeks and 5 days (currently)

Total weight gain: About 11 pounds. Yes, I have a scale in my bathroom and I’m not afraid to use it! 😉

Maternity Clothes? Strangely, I don’t necessarily “need” maternity clothes just yet…just tops that cover my belly! I do have one maternity dress that I wear pretty regularly, but I can still fit my sweaters and my pants/jeans – thanks to that improvising trick… using a hairband to loop around the waistband to accommodate my growing belly.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good other than my frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night. Literally, I have to get up almost every 2 or 3 hours, but fortunately, I’m able to get right back to sleep. No complaints!

Best moment this week: This morning… when my hubby let me know that one of the potential daycares that we’re considering has availability when we’ll need it for Ethan next year!!! Setting up and confirming that we’ll have daycare (that’s mommy & daddy approved) is one of the things that are on TOP of my “to-do” list!

Miss anything? Oh yes!! I miss being able to sleep on my stomach, I miss running and being more physically active, although who knows, maybe I’ll feel energized enough to try a few short jogs soon (!!), and I miss having my normal appetite. I’m telling you this baby loves savory foods and is not a fan of sweets! So, my wonderful morning oatmeal and the fruit bars that I used to love have all been replaced with foods like boiled egg whites, turkey sausage, tater tots and possibly a cream cheese bagel (occasionally). In fact, the only “sweet” things I eat now are fruits like mandarin oranges, peaches, and apples or liquids like orange juice and sweet tea.

Movement: Yes, I’ve been feeling movement from my little Ethan for a few weeks now… he tends to get really hyper early in the morning and throughout the day (which makes me a little nervous for the future, lol). In fact, this morning I woke hubby up so he could feel him kick. Fortunately, it’s not painful or anything…yet.

Food cravings: Nothing too specific this week. I do occasionally enjoy wings or calamari though, I still have to have my OJ in the morning and I’ve been on a mandarin orange fruit kick this week. I also love sneaking in salads with lots and lots of fruit and veggies whenever I can!

Salad 1

Salad 2

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really (thank GOD)! I only get a bit queasy when I’m really tired or need to eat.

Labor signs: No, none yet. I do get some serious “stretching” pains occasionally though.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’m definitely more happy than moody these days… In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m in serious “nesting mode.” The need to research and plan everything from my upcoming baby shower to potential daycare options is just insane! Lol. But I love it!!!

Looking forward to: This weekend – it will def. be a busy, but fun and super productive one! Hubby and I are going to visit one of our daycare options Friday morning, complete our baby registry at Babies R’ Us Friday evening, and meet with our baby shower decorator Saturday afternoon. We’re also planning to attend a friend’s birthday party that evening! Phew… I think I need a mini-break just reading all of that. “Til next time!


4 thoughts on “It’s a BOY, Name Reveal and More Updates!

  1. Hooray for boys!!! 🙂 Absolutely adore the name. Isaiah was one of our top pics! Glad to see things are going well enjoy as much rest and sleep (whenever possible) you can! Looking great, girl!

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