Pregnancy: What they didn’t tell you (or me anyway)…

DISCLAIMER: The content of this post may not be suitable for you if you are already very squeamish. Just fair warning. Also, I must reiterate that these “symptoms” do NOT apply to every pregnant woman. This is largely just my individiual experience, and the experience of one or two friends who had similar pregnancies, and can share in my pain joy. I also promise this will be the LAST “scary pregnancy” post and everything else will be super happy and full of all the joy and the “pregnancy glow” that is befitting for one who is blessed to experience the process of bringing life into the world!

Bottom line though… this is my blog and it’s the best place to vent share the lovely experiences I’ve had and will have in the future. I honestly mean that in the best, most anti-negative sounding way possible. If you’re still not convinced, blame it on the hormones, not the heart. 🙂 As you can already tell, this is pretty unorthodox for me. I mean, posting on a Thursday… and a post that isn’t necessarily “all smiles,” although coming from a very real and honest place?? Yikes! Well, I digress. Let’s just dive in!

1. “Morning sickness” is not just in the morning. Ok, so I may have already been aware of this from a few friends’ experiences, but I was not prepared for the way constant nausea wipes you out and drains you. As in, I’m really thirsty but it’s so not worth getting off the couch right now.

2. Fatigue like I’ve just run a marathon. Again, I kind of already knew this too, but did NOT know the extent. I’m talking so tired that taking a shower and brushing my teeth completely wears me out now, and requires a 30 min. nap afterwards before continuing to get ready for the day.

3. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. I love food and I love to cook. And not just any food…reasonably healthy food along with the occasional indulgence of a little chocolate or fried food. Yes, I’ll admit that. When those pregnancy hormones kicked in at week 6, though… phew! NOW… all I can stomach are basically french fries, chicken tenders, orange juice, water and sweat tea… for 2 months (and counting)!!

4. Food and Smell Aversions take over your life! Meal planning and home cooking went out the window during week 6 (and hasn’t re-surfaced yet) because my aversions became totally unpredictable. What do I mean by “aversions” you ask?? I mean I can literally smell the oven when it’s on – doesn’t matter what’s cooking – from two rooms away, and it can send me gagging or dry heaving, in an instant. I mean, the smell of someone’s lunch at work – usually pizza or any seafood are the main culprits – can make my day utterly miserably nauseous. Thank GOD for my absolutely wonderful husband, who selflessly assists with meals, cleaning and/or anything I need help with…and he does it with a smile. Goodness, I love him! But this brings me to my next point.

5. I should feel nothing but happy… but I just feel guilty. While I slowly become one with the couch, my hubby is busy grocery shopping, running errands, handling the finances, cleaning, and bringing me whatever food I can stand to smell at the moment… all while working AND tackling daily assignments for grad school! Although most would welcome the excuse to lounge all day watching TV, I honestly feel guilty for putting all responsibilities on him, somewhat useless for not accomplishing anything, and lonely because I’m on the couch by myself. Of course, hubby is very understanding and reassures/reminds me that growing our little one takes a LOT out of me, at the moment, which helps some. I mean, he even will spend a few hours with me on the couch, and finish working later so I’m not by myself. (Have I mentioned yet how wonderful my hubby is?) 🙂 I just never expected to become so recluse… so I always take advantage of every opportunity to wash a dish or help out whenever I can, i.e. whenever I have the energy to do so.

6. The 2nd Trimester “honeymoon” may not happen when they tell you it will. For those not well versed in pregnancy-speak, all the preggo books and even your friends and family will tell you that the first trimester (the first 3 months) may or may not be hell…literally…but by week 12, you’ll be bursting with energy, the sickness will magically disappear, and you’ll start to love food again. Welp, friends… I’m one day shy of 15 weeks, and still have yet to feel a consistent burst of energy, my food/smell aversions are still alive and kicking, and yes, I still have nausea. As I’ve mentioned before though, I will say that it HAS lessened some, and it does get better here and there. So, I have faith that by week 15/16, I will be experiencing the full-fledged “honeymoon.” 🙂

7. Ultrasounds make visiting the doctor fun! One of the biggest things I was unprepared for during my first trimester was the sheer joy of seeing my baby moving and growing inside me. Hearing his or her heartbeat for the first time was hands-down the most incredible moment of this journey thus far! And in all honesty… hearing that heartbeat EVERY time I visit my OB/gyn lights up my world, and is one of the main things that keeps me going. It’s a constant reminder of the wonderful blessing God has given me and my hubby, and we certainly do not take it lightly.

So, what’s new in your world?

For all moms, or soon-to-be moms, what would you add to this list?


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy: What they didn’t tell you (or me anyway)…

  1. I thought I was prepared for the sore boobs, as I got those monthly. I was in no way prepared. The pain so intense that an accidental brush by a co-worker made me want to ninja kick them in the face. It shocked me.

    But I have to second #7. It really is worth the wait…

    • Ah yes, the sore boobs! I guess I’m somewhat fortunate in that dept, since it only really bothers me at night, when I have to sleep on my side. Smh. But yes, yes to #7!

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