I’m Back with a BIG Announcement!!

Hi folks! Hopefully, you all still remember me after my super extended leave of absence. However, I will say that it was ALL for a worthy cause and some truly outside of my control. That being said, I may as well come out with it and say that I’m PREGNANT!


Yep, that’s me at 13.5 weeks! Please excuse the lack of make-up and my overall exhausted look. I must say, my husband and I are so absolutely ELATED and feel so BLESSED to be able to bring a new addition to our family! It’s something we do not take lightly for a second and something we’ve wanted since getting married. I mean, we already have names picked out for a boy or a girl – HA!

Now, with that said, I must also say that I was super shocked at the toll this pregnancy (i.e. the dreaded First Trimester) has taken on me. This would be the “things outside of my control” i.e. the constant “morning ALL DAY sickness.” I won’t go into too much detail… that will be for a later post, maybe. Also, this is by NO MEANS meant to scare anyone away from pregnancy. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that every (and I do mean EVERY) pregnancy is so different. Some fortunate souls skate through with nary a symptom… That was/is def. not my story though. Here are some of the fun things experienced these past few weeks….

(1) At Week 6, the “All Day” sickness hit, and I had a food/smell aversion to EVERYTHING I once loved. That includes: COFFEE, oatmeal, peanut butter, crystal light, sandwiches of any kind, salads, almost all meat (except chicken nuggets and occasionally crab cakes), my beloved greek yogurt, and yes even BLOGGING!). Basically every food that I normally posted in my “What I Ate Wednesday” posts now makes me wanna hurl! :-p Plus, for some reason, even thinking about or venturing to read some of my FAVE blogs caused an instant gag reflux! Sorry, TMI, I know. Hence, my absence from the blog world.

(2) I’m currently surviving off of baked french fries or tater tots, the healthiest breaded chicken nuggets I could find, water, Orange Juice, and occasionally an Amy’s brand vegetable lasagna. On good days, I’ll try to incorporate more veggies and fruit.

(3) Fortunately, I don’t vomit much…but I have ALL DAY nausea. Fun stuff, guys! Becuase of this, and the above reasons, I actually lost about 10 pounds in the last 2 months. Fortunately, I gained about 1 or 2 back, and hope to continue to progresss normally as the “sickness” subsides.

(4) On a good note, the fact that I was able to post this, shows that it IS getting better…little by little. Plus, thankfully, I finished and ACED my last grad school class BEFORE the “sickness” hit, which I’m SO grateful for.

I’ll have a more detailed update on this new lovely pregnancy in the days to come (hopefully), if all continues to go well. Thanks for understanding & I hope/pray everyone is well! ๐Ÿ™‚


13 thoughts on “I’m Back with a BIG Announcement!!

  1. omg look at you little baby bump,i hope you feel better day by day,maybe try some saltine cracker with low sodium it may help.

    • Thanks so much Charotte! Not sure how consistent I’ll be able to be (with blogging) just yet, but I def. try to take advantage of every “good day” I have. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yay congrats!!!!!!! Looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy journey ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you plan to keep running? That’s something I wasn’t able to do for long due to being put on bed rest. So if you are cleared by your doc, definitely do it!

    • Thanks Sharisse! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ya know, the funny thing is I had every intention of continuing to run during my pregnancy. I even have a 10K planned in Septemeber. However, due to the toll that the “all day sickness” has taken on me in the last 2.5 months, and the weight I lost (when I’m already fairly thin), I personally felt it was in my best intrerest to take a break from running, for now. When I have my energy back, and am feeling up to it, I def. plan to slowly get back into it though! Life is an interesting thing, I tell you. Lol.

      • Could you still walk the 10K? So sorry to hear you’ve had a rough past few months. I know firsthand how important it is to roll with the punches during pregnancy. You can prepare all you like and then things turn out different anyway! Just remember to always hydrate and get as much rest as you can. Those two things helped me get through the challenges of my pregnancy. Best wishes!

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