It’s Monday… Life Happens

Good evening folks! 🙂 Some of you are probably wondering why I’m sending this out so late. Welp, that’s mainly because hey, it’s Monday… and life happens especially if you have my life this week. After a super busy Monday morning and work, and then an afternoon doctor’s appointment, I now have to study for my last exam for my last class in my Human Nutrition grad school program. Can you say – EXAM MODE!

And now you may probably be wondering… well Koryn, didn’t you know you’d have an exam months ago? Don’t you check your syllabus? Yea… about that. For some reason, I REALLY thought my exams were done for the year, until a little birdie (let’s call her My professor) sent a nice reminder email to everyone on Sunday. In my defense, the exam review sheet was not made available until this past weekend. Sooo in light of my slight irresponsibility this, I will be in study/review mode for now until I take my test in 2 days. See you Wednesday folks!!!

Have you even forgotten about an important appointment or test?

Anyone else had a super busy Monday?


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