Freedom… and some Foolishness on a Friday

Well… I woke up this morning so excited to write because of one MAJOR reason. On Thursday, I finally got my braces taken off and I have a brand new smile.

Me, in 2011, when I first got my braces in!

2011 Upgrade

Me yesterday, after getting back to work after having them removed! FREEDOM!

2013 Upgrade

My teeth honestly feel like PEARLS compared to when I had the braces on, not that I minded them too much. 😉 So, hubby decided that we should celebrate my getting the braces off tonight, for date night! So I thought we should go back to Matchbox in DC!

Welp, our little tropical friend Andrea may be changing those plans! We woke up to a pretty humid, and RAINY, Friday morning! No worries though – we can always hit up Matchbox another time and go somewhere closer where we won’t have to do too much walking in the rain .

But then, there was the foolishness…partly on my part, I suppose. Although, I just recently curled my hair and was pretty happy with my curls, I decided to still walk to work – in the rain – rather than driving. I mean, I did have an umbrella, so it should be fine. Right?? Well, by the time I got to work, this happened….


No more curls! 😦 Anyone with straight, or straightened hair, feels my pain I’m sure. Needless to say, I was itching for a caffeine fix for a much needed “Woosah” moment.

So of course, I went to load up the keurig with my favorite Hazelnut container, set it up, the little window stated that it was “BREWING”….annnndddd nothing. Not a peep, and no coffee!!

So dramatic, aren’t I?

Again I say, any coffee lovers would understand. WOOSAH!! But then, I remembered… it’s still Friday! And I still have a brand new smile, so I opted for some water and some yummy raspberry greek yogurt instead! I’m sure my teeth will thank me later! 😉

How has your Friday morning been going so far?

Any coffee lovers?


7 thoughts on “Freedom… and some Foolishness on a Friday

  1. 1. beautiful smile!!! and 2. ah omg that coffee machine meltdown would make me hold back the tears too 🙂 thats the worst, if i dont have my coffee in the morning just how i like it my whole day is thrown off. and 3. im actually really jealous of your hair, because i walked to work in the rain today too and when i arrived it was a frizzy mess. at least even though yours didnt hold the curl, it still looks sleek and gorgeous instead! have a wonderful weekend!

    • 1. Thanks!! 🙂 and 2. Yes, def. had a lack of caffeine meltdown – the struggle was real! I had to eventually get a little hot cocoa to help cure the caffeine fix – phew! 3. Thanks again, but trust me – just 10 more minutes outside and mine would’ve been a frizzy mess too. Lol! I guess I should be thankful the walk doesn’t take too long. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend as well!

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