A Mostly (ok, Partially) Organic WIAW ;-)

So, this was me Tuesday morning…


Yahoo!! Getting it done… 8 min. miles here I come!

Yes, I got it done!

Don’t worry though, I’m still very much a newbie, as I have yet to run at that pace consistently. But, we’ll get there eventually. For now, I’ll continue sticking to the plan!

So, let’s jump into my mostly partially organic What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday, shall we?? 😉

I had a bit of a late start Tuesday morning, so breakfast had to be quick… no time for my oatmeal. **Sad Face** No worries though, since I had some yummy greek yogurt instead. Annnddd it was one of my faves… YUM!

Breakfast, 7:30 AM


My day seemed to breeze by and before you know it, it was time for lunch. And yes, I am still sooo loving those ready-made Organic Salads from my local grocery store, Safeway. This one included baby spinach, chicken, monterey jack cheeese, cranberries and almonds, with honey mustard dressing… All Organic! I also had my reliable turkey & cheese sandwich on whole wheat sadwich thins. Love that stuff!

Lunch, 1 PM



Of course, no day is complete without my random snacks throughout the day… reduced-fat kettle cooked chips, my fave fruit & grain bar (by Sunrype) and a protein bar!



Towards the end of the day, I got some GREAT news… turns out there were some errors in my last exam (on the school’s part, due to online technicalities) so some additional points were added to my score! So my score went from a B+ to an A+ – color me EXCITED!! **Nerdy Tendency Alert**

Now, if only they can be sure to add points to my Final Comprehensive Exam… ya know just in case, if needed. Hey, I can dream can’t I… 🙂 Yep, won’t be getting THOSE results until a week or so, since the scoring was a bit delayed. So, yes, I’m accepting all prayers & positive thoughts. Feel free to send them my way! 😉

Annndddd now for the (partially) organic dinner! Hubby and I are loving the veggie penne noodles that we recently discovered. They’re organic penne noodles made from tomato and carrot puree – Yum! Along with that, I added turkey sausage, organic roasted garlic pasta sauce and some parmesan cheese.

Dinner, 8 PM


So, there you have it folks! Happy Wednesday!!

What food are you loving this week?

Any new fave pasta recipes?


4 thoughts on “A Mostly (ok, Partially) Organic WIAW ;-)

  1. congrats on the A+!! not too shabby chica 🙂 I love your pasta dishes, they always look so good! over the weekend the boyfriend and i went to a restaurant and i tried the lemon ravioli. it was lemon infused pasta with a cheesy crab filling, and the sauce was also lemony. it was soo different from what i usually get (im usually all about the red sauce and meatballs) but it was soo good!

    • Thanks Charlotte! The hubby loves pasta so I try to keep it in rotation. 😉 And wow – that lemon ravioli sounds very good! You had me sold with the crab filling, lol. Love seafood!

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