Monday Thoughts & Weekend Highlights!

What a whirlwind of a weekend!! They always come & go too quickly, don’t they?  It’s all good though because I’m actually pretty excited about this week and this month in general.  So, since I just work better with lists (it’s the little bit of a Type-A personality in me), here are some thoughts & highlights…

1)  Friday night is me and hubby’s date night (as per usual), but this one was EXTRA Special being as though we celebrated 6 months of marriage, one day early of our anniversary (June 1st)!!!  Can’t say enough how incredibly happy (and grateful) that we are to have enjoyed it (great times, challenges and all) – the 6 months just flew by! 🙂  Cheers to many more months/years!!!! To celebrate we went to dinner at Unos, which is sentimental for us.  It’s close to the spot where he proposed and the name – Uno (spanish for 1) – symbolizes his proposal date (Jan. 1, 2012) and our wedding date (Dec. 1, 2012)!  Yes, I really milked that “uno” thing for all it was worth, lol

2)  After dinner, we went to the movies to see “After Earth.”  It was a bit too suspense-ful for this girl – I was ready to run out the theater quite a few times.  Ha!  But I just LOVE seeing Wil Smith and his son acting together – yes, I’m such such a sucker for that wonderful father-son bond they have.  Def. highly recommend seeing it, if you haven’t!

.00000000000After Earth

3) On Saturday, we had a very special baby shower to attend… one for the hubby’s good friend (and Best Man at our wedding)! It was held at him and his wife’s home and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Baby showers have sure come a looong way! The decorations, favors and food were superb!


The new mom-to-be and her mom and mother-in-law!


Just a few of the adorable, engraved favors we received!

4) Sunday was spent at our church, then to Panera for lunch, a quick grocery run, and we were finally back home taking it easy. P.S. Anyone who is not a Heat fan (like myself & hubby) was also still feeling pretty happy about the Pacer’s win! Sorry Heat fans! I just like to see a team give them a run for their money – can’t make it too easy for them! 😉

5) Soooo, why am I excited about this week?? Well, after two long and diligent years of wearing braces (yes, I actually have them at my age. Ha!), I get to get them taken off on Thursday!!!! Wow, it’s still so weird to think that they’ll be gone by end of this week! I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to them. BUT, I’m happy to trade them off – BYE BYE braces and HELLO retainer! Gotta love my sense of humor!

6) Had a pretty good run this morning… I’m repeating Week 5 of my “Couch to 5K” plan to increase my speed a bit more. It went well, but I was wondering why I was having a bit more of a struggle than I normally do on a Monday. Usually, after a restful weekend my body is more than ready to burst through a tough cardio session. Then, after I was done, I checked the treadmill and realized that the incline was a bit too high – DOH! Yep, that’ll do it. 😉

Sooo those are my thoughts and highlights, in a nutshell. Happy Monday!

Anyone expecting?? If not, what was the last baby shower you’ve been to?

Any exciting events coming up this week?


6 thoughts on “Monday Thoughts & Weekend Highlights!

    • Lol and thanks! Can’t wait to be able to eat corn on the cob and apples (without having to slice them first) again! It’s the little things. 😉

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Baby showers have come a long way! At the last one I went to they did a clothing line for a decoration that spanned the room and it was filled with baby clothes that each guest had given. It was adorable. Have a great week and congratulations on getting your braces off. That’s the best feeling!

    • Wow, that clothing line idea sounds fantastic and too adorable!! 🙂 And yes, too excited (and nervous, lol) about getting the braces off! Still, calls for a mini-celebration. Details in future posts!

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