Fashion Friday!

TGIF!!!!!! Normally, I’m excited for Every day or I try to be haha, but with as busy as this week has been, I’m more than happy for the weekend break!

It’s also a pretty busy morning, so I thought I’d leave you all with some fashion eye candy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who LOVES clothes…and especially shoes! 😉 Seriously, even window shopping puts a BIG smile on this girl’s face. Soooo, I wanted to share my TOP FIVE FASHION FAVES!

(1) Since I love simple & clean looks, you can just never go wrong with a great blazer and fitted white pants. #LOVE


(2) And maybe it’s just me, but I am still so in love with the peplum blouses! A pop of color makes the look THAT much more fun, in my opinion.


(3) Oh, and in light of the upcoming Mother’s Day on Sunday, who doesn’t love a nice floral dress for church?? I don’t. 😉


(4) Who’s ready for Summer & beach wear?! It Can Not Get Here Quick Enough! Yay, for shorts!


(5) Last, but certainly not least, you have to have “the” black dress…especially one with great accents.



DISCLAIMER NOTE: These items were from the following stores: Zara, Anthropologie, H&M and BCBG- many of which I never shop at, but love to get inspiration from! I’m a firm believer that you can achieve a great look without paying astronomical expensive prices for them. Helloooo, some boutique shops & thrift stores, and SALES! Happy Friday folks!

What are some of your ideal fashion staples?

Favorite clothing store?


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday!

  1. So true – there’s nothing like a perfectly fitted blazer! Perfect for work and even evenings out (when paired with jeans)! 😉 Thanks Charlotte & have a great wkend as well!

  2. Love this round up! I am still loving the peplum look too! I think you can dress it up or dress it down but it always looks classy and sophisticated.

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