Monday Madness! :-)

Hey folks, Happy Monday! For those who follow and maybe even those who don’t, you may have noticed that my regular Friday post was non-existent this past week. My bad guys, but you can trust that it was all for Very Good reason.

I took off Friday, along with the hubby, to spend the day celebrating his birthday! YAY!! And oh, what a day it was! I generaly don’t splurge too much, but every indulgence for this face and that smile is always well worth it! Needless to say, I barely looked at my laptop on Friday.


So, the day started at The Pearl Spa, for a little something different. 😉 We tried out “The Blue Grotto” which was actually a very fun and unique experience.


THE BLUE GROTTO is a pearl exclusive, this self-service body treatment detoxifies, firms and hydrates while creating a unique social experience for friends and significant others.

Using paintbrushes and your inner Picasso, begin this treatment by applying therapeutic marine clay’s and mud’s, from around the world, from head to toe. Each mask provides a different effect, allowing you to address all of your wellness needs. Once covered in mud, step into the Blue Grotto; our signature steam room. Enjoy conversation, your own customized music selection and the fiber optic light show while the clays begin to melt like butter, drawing harmful toxins from your skin. Complete the experience with an invigorating hydro-shower, cleansing you completely and providing total rejuvenation.

This was followed by a couple’s massage and a luxurious 20 min. in a private jacuzzi in the couple’s suite…along with sparkling cider and truffles! HEAVEN ON EARTH! The hubby was very pleased! 😉

Of course there was also some good food involved in our day… Caribbean food, which is the hubby’s favorite! Here’s a snapshot of my dish of choice – jerk tofu, rice and peas and salad! Yum!


And finally, although we were both super relaxed and just floating at this point, we still squeezed in a movie to cap off the evening. We saw 42? Very inspring film, indeed. Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

Sooo… with all this fun and festivities over the weekend, I took an extended break from my Beach Body Challenge. I felt bad about it, but the hubby said I probably needed the break after the lack of rest/sleep I had in my first week of the challenge. Turns out the hubby was absolutely right… I’m seeing much more definition & tone in my body (moreso than I have seen in a while) after taking the break to catch some Zzz’s and enjoy life! Wowzers, who would’ve thought it?! I was determined to get back in my groove this AM though. Cardio in the morning and some serious ab strength training tonight. Who’s with me?


Have you ever been to a spa? What’s your fave treatment?

What’s your most memorable birthday?


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