Just Another Manic Monday…

Ever have one of those days?? ya know, one of those days where it seems like EVERYTHING is just a bit more challenging than it usually is. Yea… those days. I think I’m pretty sure I’m having one of “those” days today. So, where should I start…

(1) For the very life of me, I could not fall asleep last night. Normally, I’m a morning person, which means – at night, I’m already yawning at around 10ish pm. But last night?? I was Wide Awake at 11pm… and still up at 1 AM… managed to go to sleep for a few hours, but was then up again at 3:30 AM. Mind you, I had every intention of getting up at 5 AM to start the Awesome Beach Body Challenge started by fellow blogger, Brooke. So, yea, the random lack of sleep was just what I needed. Please forgive my sarcasm.

(2) I woke up to my alarm at 5 AM, having no intention of actually getting up to start said Beach Body Challenge (since I was so sleep deprived), but I decided to at least get up to see how I felt… so glad I did. My “morning person” energy kicked in and although I was a few minutes late, I was up and ready to do my challenge, as planned… and then I realized I didn’t have my print out of the planned treadmill/cardio workout. #FAIL

(3) Fortunately, with the challenge, we’re supposed to do strength training And cardio… so I did have a “sexy leg/strength training” workout to do instead. So, getting up wasn’t a total loss. Many prayers that I will have the motivation to complete my cardio portion after work, tonight!!

New Circuit Workout

(4) And then there’s my appetite… it seems I have none lately, which is completely weird (for me). I did manage to get down my usual oatmeal (sans the peanut butter), and I packed a healthy lunch with snacks, so no real worries there though.


(5) And lastly, ahhh school… this is my last online class for graduate school to get my Masters in Human Nutrition, and for some reason, the school email system has been down for about two days now. Yes, another #FAIL. Thankfully, I was still able to complete my first week’s assignments (YAY!), but I’m anxiously awaiting an email regarding the study materials I’ll need to prepare for my Comp Exam next month. The early bird gets the worm, so let’s just pray the technical difficulties will be resolved… SOON. 🙂

Yes, I’m hopeful #SpeakFaith

Ok, Ok.. I know what you may be thinking. The day has just begun Koryn… RELAX. And yes, I agree whole-heartedly with you! Some prayer time and reflection brings me to the moral of this story – the truth is you’re going to have “one of those days” sometimes. You just can’t let the day Have You! So, I won’t. 😉 Happy Monday Folks!!!

How’s your Monday going?

How do you motivate yourself when you’re having “one of those days”?


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