Many Magnificent Things on a Monday

So, it’s the start of a brand new week and one of my FAVE months – April! I’ll share why in a bit! Needless to say I am all TOO excited, despite what looks to be a super busy day, for me! But first things first…

(1) Yesterday was Easter (a.k.a. Resurrection Sunday)! I don’t about you, but I am so eternally and immensely grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for little ol’ me, and All of His children. 🙂 Also, please tell me I wasn’t the only one watching “The Bible” marathon and finale yesterday on the History Channel???


Yes, in my opinion, a few important details may have been missed, but overall, WOW, what a powerful series… and what a great way to cap off Easter Sunday!!

(2) I finally completed my first 5K race!!! Initially, I had a goal of finisihing in 30 min, or a tad bit over if I ran a 10 min. mile pace. With super chilly temperatures that were below 40 though, I wasn’t quite sure if I could make it. However, I finished in 30:01 min., and placed 24th out of 81 females, in my age group! My overall ranking was 166 out 448 people that ran or walked that day! I am so incredibly grateful for making my goal and earning my first medal. Many thanks to my super supportive hubby & my twin sis for the pics…




(3) My recovery meal, compliments of the hubby and IHOP, was also pretty magnificent…



I nixed the whole wheat toast and butter (bleh) in favor of the eggs, hash browns, turkey bacon and fruit!! Yummers! 🙂

(4) Sooo… today is me and my Joel’s 4 month marriage anniversary (YAY!), annndddd it’s his birthday month! I’ve been planning his birthday surprises for some time now and I’m TOO Excited to celebrate another year with him! I hate to sound cheesy, but every day with him is absolutely Amazing! There’s just no other way to put it.


(5) Last, but certainly not least, my final online grad school class – Exercise and Nutrition – starts TODAY! So, by July, I will have finally completed all of my courses and will be eligible to receive my Masters in Human Nutrition! God is good!

How was your Easter Sunday?

Any magnificent things going on this week/month?


4 thoughts on “Many Magnificent Things on a Monday

  1. Congrats! You pretty much achieved your goal. In that kind of weather, I think you can take off more than just one second from your finishing time! You should be very proud. So… when’s the next one? =P

  2. Thanks Sharisse! And lol, a friend of mine has already asked me if I want to join her for a half marathon (or possibly a full marathon – eek!) next year, so that’s the current plan. I’m thinking I may do a 10-miler sometime this year, as part of my training also. 🙂

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