A Hearty Welcome & All Things Green!

Happy Tuesday folks! If you’re on the east coast like me, you’re gearing up for a big snowstorm tonight. Yes, you’d think growing up in the tri-state area would help me to deal with the cold… even slightly better… yeah, not so much. Needless to say, I am SO ready for Spring! Anyone with me?

So, in light of spring, and all the happy greenery it brings… I thought I’d start with a list of my Top Five favorite green foods (in no particular order)!

(1) “Green Machine” Naked Juice!


If ever there was “awesome-ness” locked up in a juice, this would be it! Don’t let the color/look fool you… it tastes DELICIOUS! **TIP (for fellow Naked Juice lovers): You can buy a 60 oz. bottle of it for as low as $8 at Whole Foods, when it’s on sale.

(2) Spinach


One word… YUM!! It literally goes with or in everything – salads, smoothies, sandwiches, etc.!

(3) Seaweed Salad!

seaweed salad

This is my FAVE appetizer to order whenever I eat at asian restaurants, and they even sell it at Costco! Score!

(4) Green Tea… Ice Cream


I normally prefer savory foods over sweet, but I can’t knock this guilt-less dessert! The green tea flavor tastes almost like chocolate… Yum, I’ll take it!

(5) Edamame!


Love, love, LOVE! If you have never tried it, you should! Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

Honorable mention goes to kale (three words…kale chips, anyone!) and green apples, just because they taste sweeter to me.

What are your favorite green foods?

Anyone else preparing for the big snowstorm on the east coast?


2 thoughts on “A Hearty Welcome & All Things Green!

  1. Love this! And these are all MY favorite green things too! (well, the kale might trump the edamame but I love it all the same : )

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